I don't know if any of you have carpal tunnel or tendonitis, but I just got this link from a friend.  We both have wrist issues.  I bought this CD. 


I will warn you that this video goes on for a while, but is sort of interesting.  Maybe it can help some of you.  I am posting this because court reporters/scopists have repetitive stress injuries and any info is helpful.



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I listened to this...........I just don't think it's worth the money, as I know firsthand what things help and get rid of carpal tunnel,

i.e., keeping your wrist bones adjusted/aligned properly, massage, diet (no sugar, caffeine, inflammatory foods), and acupuncture.  I had a bad problem in 1986 with my right wrist and 95 percent cured it with these things.  I just can't write

five days in a row all day anymore, but can do three days.  It's good information about all the stretches, but I disagree that the stretches he is prescribing will help everyone without these other things I mentioned.

Well, I can tell you right now I'm not giving up my caffeine.  Just not gong to happen.  If you know what the inflammatory foods are, you should mention some of them.

I've had this tendonitis for over 10 years, so I'll try anything I can to make it feel better.  I am hopeful it will work.  I eat almost nothing but fish/chicken, fruits and vegetables.  I've been on this diet for a year and I still have tendonitis, so I'm not sure that's enough.


It's not the caffeine that's bad, but the acid in the coffee.  Black teas are okay. 

You can Google acid/alkaline foods online.   Chances are there is some food you

are eating a lot of that you may be allergic to.  Too many grains, particularly wheat

can cause inflammation.  It's the rise and fall of blood sugar levels that contribute to

inflammation, too.  Yes, there is some overuse/repetitive use that contributes to

also.  Blood allergy testing is pretty expensive these days.  But I just got mine done (waiting

for results) by Meridian Valley Labs in Washington state. $154 for 95 foods, which is really good.

I had it done by them 17 years ago, but then it was about $70.  You pay them over the phone

and they send you the kit (blood vials and return packaging) and you can take it to your

doctor's office or a lab to have your blood drawn (they have to spin the blood to separate it or

something before they send it off.   This is really good price for that many foods.

But besides repetitive use, tendinitis is an inflammatory condition highly contributed to by


Kelli, do you take fish oil?  Very good for iflammation.  Also, have you had your Vitamin D levels tested?  Almost everybody I know who is tested is low.  Vitamin D is the new miracle drug.

Funny you say that, Mary.   My dogs have been put on Omega 3 for inflammation, so I decided last week to take two pills a day too.  I do think that's helping.  I used to take it sporadically but for the last week I'm taking it every day hoping it will help.

I always take vitamin D or at least I have for the last two years or so.  Doubt vitamin D has anything to do with tendonitis, though.

Kelli, I took Vit D for years, and I was still extremely low when tested.  If you're only taking like a thousand units a day, you're probably low,  It really is worth having the test.  Here's a site  re Vit D and tendonitis;

Also, if you google those two words, a lot of info pops up.

I actually two years ago spent $4,000 on blood tests because I was going to go on hormone therapy.  My vitamin D was low.   I tried the hormone therapy and it made me feel terrible; i.e., headaches, heart palpitations, loss of sleep, weird moles growing on my body, had a difficult time concentrating.  I finally stopped taking the hormones.  I felt terrible.

Suzanne Somers swears by it, but I couldn't handle it.  I wasn't myself at all.  Anyway, I had all the blood tests and had everything tested.

That URL you posted takes you to a website that just wants to sell you stuff.  I've spent enough money on gimmicks.  I'm hoping this CD that's coming will be simple and will work.

Hormones didn't work for me either.  I thought I was dying. Kaiser just about forced me to go on them and then acted surprised when I had problems.  Turns out a lot of women had problems with them/


Well, I got my CD/DVD today and I did the exercises for the first time.  They are not easy, but I think it will make a huge difference in how I feel.

I have to do the stretches every morning and night for the next three days, then a day off and then for the next three days you do the stretches once a day.  I'll let you know if it helps or not.


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