Is there a depo reporter from California on this site that is able to tell me in which order you put your signature page?  Do you put it as the last page of the depo, no matter what, or do you put it before the exhibits?  Is there a right way or wrong way to do it?
Also, is there a code that you have to use certain words on your cert page?  If there is, can someone send me that info??  Thanks

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I don't think there is a specific "page" needed.  The California format is no more than 52 characters on a line.   That's all I know of.   Cert page comes after the last page of the transcript.

Can you send me a copy of a cert page you use.  Are they all the same or do different agencies use different court reporter cert pages?

I'm an official reporter, so I'm not sure of the cert page for a depo.  I'm sure it's different than a cert page from a court transcript.


California format is 56 characters per line.  You can only drop it to 52 characters per line if the job is videotaped and you're including time stamp.

As for certs, I don't think it matters.  Some agencies have the exhibit index at the beginning of the page.  So the transcript would end with deponent's cert, your cert, and then errata.  Some agencies don't have the reporter include the errata.

Pardon me.  You are right.  No less than 52 characters (with timestamps) or 56 without.

Sorry to confuse you.  I meant exhibits that are attached to the deposition at the end of the transcript, not the exhibit index.  Do you know if there is a code indicating in what order you would put the items.  Kyung, I do it the way you described.  An attorney asked me if there was a code for this kind of thing.  I told him I would find out for him.

Also, is there a certain verbiage that everyone has on their court reporter signature page, or do agencies do different verbiage.  Is there a code for that?

I know these sound like crazy questions, but like I said, I'm an official reporter.

I can tell you all about court transcripts!

Exhibits would not be numbered as part of the transcript.  They are typically added to the back (or two-hole punched and attached to the back cover, just depending on the agency).  Some firms do add letter to witness and errata sheets, which then follow the reporter cert page.  The cert page can change a little bit from agency to agency, and some agencies let you use whatever your normal cert is.  I'm in Northern California, and I haven't worked for any clients (as far as I remember) that do a completely separate cert for the witness.  There is just a witness signature line at the end of testimony.  Here's a link to the minimum transcript format standards for CA:

California Code of Civil Procedure - 

2025.540.  (a) The deposition officer shall certify on the transcript of the deposition, or in a writing accompanying an audio or video record of deposition testimony, as described in Section 2025.530, that the deponent was duly sworn and that the transcript or recording is a true record of the testimony given.

You guys are awesome. Thank you so much!


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