I'm looking for a computer and not sure what to get.  I've always had Dells, and I currently have one that is 2 years old with problems.  At this time, Dell is sending a tech out to give me a rebuilt hard drive.  I'm not happy.  So does anyone have any computer suggestions?  I'm currently on Case Catalyst.


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I am using the Martel, although it's not the USB.  It's the regular mic plug.  It worked good on my four      other laptops I've had over the years but not so good on my new Lenovo.  I am thinking of ordering from Sony.  They allow 30 days before return and you only pay shipping.

I paid $300 for the Martel Mic a while back, a couple of years and the audio quality was terrible.  Martel wouldn't give me my money back.  I ended up throwing it in the trash.  That was the USB mic.  Maybe I shouldn't have done that. 


At least with my XP computer the audio was not that great. 

I've been using that particular mic for two years now and the quality seems to be good.   I had the one that used a battery and hated it.
Or I should actually say I could hear it but my scopist couldn't.  She is the most important person when it comes to audio quality since she listens more than I do.
what size screen do you all get?  14, 15.5 or 17.3?
I have a 14.  I thought the 15.5 was too big.


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