Hello my friends.  For those of you that may not know, the New York State lower court test will be given on April 25th.  The Supreme Court test will be given on June 13th.  For test prep classes, you may contact me at omgkja@gmail.com.  Classes starting on 1/24/15.

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Would it be okay if I copy this and put it on other boards where court reporters look?

Hello, Ms. Babits.  Sure you may.  We need to get as many people testing, passing and filling any open positions in the courts.

Thank you,

Oscar Garzon

Hi, Oscar.  Can you tell me what the senior court reporter test consists of?  I held that position from '99 through 2003, but I am not sure if the test has changed over the years.  Thanks.

Hello, Jennifer.  The Supreme Court Test is still the same.  Written test, 190 Opening, 190 JC and 200  four-voice Q&A with some medical.

Does a test candidate bring a printer?  Will they take an electronic file on a thumb drive?

as far as I know, for the test, yes, you must bring a printer.  They will not accept an electronic file on a thumb drive

Hello, again, My Friends.  For those that don't know yet, the Lower Court Test Application is out.  It's electronic filling.  It's three minutes of Opening at 175, three minutes of Jury charge at 185, for readback, and 190 Q&A.

Go to Office of Court Administration.  When in site, go to the Home page and on the right side, go to Careers.  All the information and the application is there.

Go for it my friends.

For classes information in New York, contact me.

Good luck to all of you that take the test,

Oscar Garzon


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