Has anyone ever transcribed audio from CourtView software? Do you know if the audio can be converted?

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What is the file extension of the audio files? Are you trying to transcribe them using another digital transcriber like ExpressScribe? If that's the case, you can check to see what file formats are supported by the software you'd like to use to transcribe or convert your files.
Hi, Robin:

Thanks for your reply. No, I'm not transcribing from the audio, but scoping. The court reporter did the transcription. I've asked her what the extensions are on the files but she says there are none. She asked if I knew how to convert them so I could listen using another digital transcriber. I have ExpressScribe and I know they support a gaggle of different formats. The only one I know they don't support is DigitalCat which I use.
I searched and found a Maximus CourtView system, but was unable to get any info. She probably doesn't know the file extension because she's only seeing the audio file IN the Courtview. Perhaps If she were to navigate to the files on her computer, she would see the extension. You could also suggest that she check her CourtView data for that info. Then again, you could suggest that she send you the audio file and see the extension for yourself and/or try to play it in ExpressScribe.

Good luck!
I'm suspecting she may not have knowledge on how to go to the files, but did suggest that I use CD ripper for WinAmp or Window Media Player to extract the sound bites. She was given this info from someone at her office. I'll let you know what happens. But your suggestions were dead on. I guess I was trying to find someone who has used the software and was familiar with the extensions and had converted them or knew if they could be converted. Thanks so much for your help!!!
Well, I wish I could have ACTUALLY helped, lol. Hopefully someone will pipe in with some information, perhaps a transcriptionist familiar with the software. It could very well be that the audio can only be used in that software.
How did you get the player?
She never sent it to me. She wanted to convert the file and I asked her to send the tran and the audio but she never did. Say, would you be willing to send me the audio so I can see the extension and get the player? Or you can tell me what the extension is to see if it would work in Express Scribe? I'm still curious about the software and listening to the file. Yes, using your mouse to listen to audio is hard. It took me a long time to get used to audiosync and not being able to use a foot pedal.


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