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Someone on Telegram posted a link to a discussion entitled "How Concerned are you About Adverse Events Related to the Vaccines?" for medical professionals.

As I write this, there are 1084 replies, so grab some espresso and dig in!

Wow, Glen.  Reading some of the posts right now.  So wish this would get out to the people who listen to Legacy media!  This is shameful that they are still allowing this global experiment to continue.  Crimes against humanity and a pure violation of The Nuremberg Code.  

Facebook was kind enough to tell me this one was "mostly false."

Sure, Facebook. Sure.

A couple years back, I found an Aussie YouTuber that went by the name of "Stroppy Me."  Alas, YouTube took his channel down, so he moved over to Bitchute.  Unfortunately, he is not well (not Covid, but still pretty nasty whatever it is) so he said he wasn't going to make any more videos and referred his followers to another Aussie YouTuber now on Bitchute.

In one of the two videos I watched over the past couple of days, this new YouTuber showed several things, including a small gaggle of cops trying to arrest a woman for not wearing a mask or something, while her young (four or five) son looked on, and seeing his mom in trouble, the young man tried to intervene.

He was then PUNCHED IN THE STOMACH by one of the cops.

I don't know what happened after that, as the video of that incident ended at that point.

In the next video I watched from this guy, apparently the Australian government informed all parents of school-aged kids that they were going to take their kids to a stadium, and vaccinate them all ... and NO PARENTS WERE ALLOWED TO BE PRESENT.

Someone was present with a phone though, and the resultant video showed a few of those kids having very negative reactions to this "vaccine."

On a (slightly) 'nother matter, I just watched a ~14 minute video, where a news guy and his guest were talking about a doctor in Germany that was examining the blood of some of the kids that were vaccinated under a microscope, and it showed some disturbing artifacts.

This one I have a link for since it's a lot shorter than the other two:


... but if you have an hour, here's one of the Aussie's videos as well:


Another one from "The CrowHouse" Bitchute channel:


A few comments from medical professionals. About eight minutes long.

Yet another one from "The CrowHouse" Bitchute channel:


The most important part (to me, anyway) came at the 37:31 mark, where an Oxford medical doctor of some repute addresses some local government meeting and tells everybody about that MRNA vaccine.

Fair warning -- it's not pretty.


"I guess I need to say this again. Delta has an Ro of about 8, about 3x that of the Alpha (ref- CDC). With these leaky vaccines, if we were to have 100% vaccine uptake and perfect mask use we cannot stop the spread of Delta (ref- CDC)."

    • the current vaccines provide about 50-60% efficacy in protection from infection. They are not fully protective.
    • if you are vaccinated and become infected (“breakthrough”), the virus will replicate at the same or higher levels than if you were unvaccinated and then become infected.
    • if you are vaccinated and then become infected, your risk of transmitting virus to someone else is quite high – remember, the Ro measures how likely you are to transmit the virus.
    • if you are vaccinated and then become infected, your risk of developing severe disease or dying is better than if you were not vaccinated and then become infected with Delta.

Therefore, if you are vaccinated and then become infected, you MAY have a higher risk of becoming a “superspreader” because you are less likely to show disease. This has not been measured, but it should be.



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