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For the past half hour or so, I've been watching an interview between a UK funeral director and an Australian guy that runs a channel called "The Crowhouse."

The funeral director has some alarming things to say about this "virus" that are worth listening to ... which you can do here:



(Quoted)  A whistleblower employed by the US Department of Health & Human Services has finally confirmed what most of us have been suspecting since February: The COVID vaccines are far more dangerous than officials are telling us; those same officials know that the vaccines are harming people and not working as advertised; and they simply don’t care.

The whistleblower – a Registered Nurse with a master’s degree – decided to come forward at last after the vaccine killed one of her colleagues on August 28th, after that colleague had been coerced into taking the vaccine under threat of losing her job. Her report on what is actually happening in health facilities in regard to the vaccine is incredibly damning.

Jodi O’Malley is an RN at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ. She was so frustrated after the vaccine killed her friend – another medical professional who did not want to take the vaccine in the first place – that she contacted Project Veritas and agreed to wear a hidden camera. Veritas is releasing the videos of O’Malley’s recordings, starting with the first one this week.

The Centers for Disease Control, the FDA and the Biden regime will not admit the truth, but the COVID vaccines have now harmed hundreds of thousands of people. The CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) updated its numbers on people who are being harmed or killed by the vaccines on September 20. Here are the latest numbers.

As of Monday, 15,125 Americans have been killed by the vaccines since January 1st. 60,741 people have been hospitalized due to the vaccines. 80,393 people required urgent care due to the COVID vaccines. 110,839 people went to the doctor’s office to report health concerns after taking the vaccines. 5,950 people went into immediate anaphylactic shock after getting the vaccine. 8,156 people suddenly developed Bell’s palsy, a condition that causes facial disfiguration.

1,862 pregnant women lost their babies due to miscarriages after getting vaccinated (miscarriages are counted separately than deaths of adults by the CDC). 6,637 people had heart attacks after taking the vaccine. 5,765 mostly young and healthy people have developed myocarditis – a disabling condition resulting from swelling of the heart. 19,210 people have become permanently disabled. 28,168 Americans had severe allergic reactions to the vaccines and 8,156 developed shingles.

If 15,125 people have died since January from the vaccines, that’s an average of 57.29 deaths per day. We’re on pace for almost 21,000 vaccine deaths for the year. By way of comparison, 37 Americans died from coronavirus on the Fourth of July, according to the CDC – while 57 Americans died from the vaccines on that same day! Does that seem lopsided? It should. When the experimental swine flu vaccine killed just 24 Americans in the 1970s, it was immediately pulled from the market. The coronavirus vaccines are killing more than twice as many people as that every single day.

Whistleblower Jodi O’Malley notes, however, that the VAERS numbers are extremely low. She’s seen dozens of patients who have been caused serious harm by the vaccines. She asks one of her colleagues who is filling out the VAERS reports on all these patients. Her colleague replies, “Nobody, because it takes over a half hour to write the damn thing.”

Federal hospitals are required by the CDC to report adverse vaccine reactions to the VAERS system. But at Jodi O’Malley’s busy hospital, no one is doing it because the paperwork simply takes too long. The VAERS numbers listed above are shocking as-is, but the numbers are extremely low because many hospitals are not reporting the true numbers.

In another clip from the Project Veritas video, O’Malley records a conversation between herself and two ER doctors. O’Malley asks why the medical community has still not seen any research on the adverse effects of the vaccines after 18 months. One doctor remarks that the research probably hasn’t been done, “Because the government doesn’t want to show that the darn vaccine is full of sh*t.”

In a mildly humorous clip, one of O’Malley’s colleagues suggests that maybe they should blow the whistle on the vaccines with that Project Veritas group… as O’Malley is recording the conversation on a Project Veritas hidden camera.

If you want to know what is REALLY going on in American hospitals as it relates to the COVID vaccines, watch this video from Project Veritas before Big Tech scrubs it from the internet:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obdI7tgKLtA

Saw Project Veritas' report/video yesterday.  Part 2 was released last night at 7pm CST.  It was an undercover audio/visual of an FDA employee talking about using drones to blow dart people with the jabs  He was probably joking but they are very serious about getting this poison into as many people as they possibly can!

I just finished watching a one hour video from the Australian that goes by the name of "The Crow Hand." Apparently, he has left his home  for Mexico (one call too many from the local cops) and he has some interesting information to share, which you can watch here:


Definitely worth a look, or even a listen while you're doing something else.

Sorry ... I couldn't resist!


Good song,Glen!   

Thanks! I found it in one of Jordan Sather's videos on BitChute! He only played a few seconds of it, but I liked what I was hearing!

Classic rock at its finest, Glen.  Thanks for posting.  This is gonna make the rounds for sure!!!!!

Yes, that's for sure!

I wonder if it will get any airplay on any of the radio stations that aren't just talk these days!


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