I am really enjoying this forum in recent times. All of the new features are coming together nicely, and I'm having a blast using them.

Work can be so mundane for me, and coming to CSRnation is like a ray of sunshine. What a breath of fresh air to network with other industry folk in this environment.

Bravo, I say. In billiards jargon, something that is near and dear to my heart, I'm giving a resounding tap, tap, tap to Monti. Well done!


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Ditto! There are only so many pages I can look at before I need a nice distraction. Thank you, Monti!
Hi, Jennie. Agree totally! You're giving a "tap, tap, tap" to The Powers That Be behind CSRnation, and I'm trying to think of a regional kudos I can throw out here. What comes to mind is my grandkids, age 2 and 5. Ramell just started kindergarten, and positive reinforcement is of utmost importance in getting him to like school, and want to go back ... so with everything he does, it seems, he gets a big fat "Good job!"

So to the powers behind CSRnation, "Good job!!!"

I'll piggy back off of what's already been said. This site has become almost an obsession for me. I was up at 4 am a couple of mornings ago, unable to sleep, so what better use of my time than to get on my Blackberry and catch up with the CSRNation happenings! I LOVE this site, and the people I have met in it.

Keep up the uber good work, Monti and Kelly!!
Thank you so very much guys.. Really, thank you :D
I just added a new toolbar at the bottom, its a cool little thingy that integrates facebook and twitter with the nation.

We also have 3 really COOL features that I am working on. (coming very soon)
I sadly can not reveal them yet, but I can say that they are going to be useful tools for professionals like you.

I cant wait!


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