Read some prior posts recently from years ago where reporters were not getting paid from this firm - DCR Litigation Services.  Then I heard of videographers not getting paid from her - Annette Duke.  Now I'm in the same boat.   She owes me a LOT of money.  I worked for her for many years.  She's underpaid me in some cases, i.e., $40 for a last minute cancel.   $3.40 for ALL cases whether it's P.I. or expert.   

Any information anyone can share with me? Thanks.

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Annette E. Buttress, CSR 9398, is the owner/operator of DCR (Duke Court Reporters.  Duke is her husband/boyf

riend) and an attorney in Westlake Village.  Her license expired May 2017.

FYI:  She is listed as Annette E. Buttress, CSR number 9398 but delinquent since May of 2017.

Update:  I filed against her in small claims Ventura County and won.  She appealed and we had a date for March of 2020, but courts were shut down because of Covid.   Now I'm waiting for new date.  In the meantime, I find out she's running a blog called "Reinventing 50s."  She's been featured in a bunch of other blogs, like this one on The Annex.  And here's the BS she writes.  LOL!   I think she should call herself "Running From Responsibility."  The Small Claims advisor told me her biz license was revoked by the Secy of State.   She writes she had a "team" and a "staff" and "people" and there were "tears."  OMG.  It was just her and Lisa Gray and they were driven out of the business.  Some story.

By Guest Author: Annette Duke

"So there I was, it was 2 o’clock in the morning. Everything was quiet, everything was dark, and I was sitting up in bed, panting and sweating at the palms, wondering how I was going to make the next payroll for our company.

I had had this reoccurring nightmare many times before in the previous 12 months. What started out as a profitable business, making millions of dollars a year, was now dwindling down to barely paying its bills and barely staying afloat.

The economy had changed, our clients weren’t paying their bills and outsourcing was an unexpected surprise in our industry. It got so bad that I had to mortgage my house and dip into my savings.

I remember distinctly that morning. I decided to get out of bed and go downstairs and actually make myself a cup of coffee at 2:45 am., I would do anything to just get myself moving and out of this panic. But the fear was inescapable. I could actually feel my heart beating through my throat and the panic was just swelling. As I sat at my kitchen table, that’s when I finally decided I really did need to pivot and make a decision and put this company down.

When that “aha” moment happens, sometimes it’s a tremendous relief and other times its met with extreme saddness. It is almost as if you’re adrift in the big ocean and all of a sudden you see land. It is that huge emotional release that makes you surrender and believe that it’s finally going to be okay, but at what cost.

That morning, I went into my office and collected my staff and announced that we were going to lay our company to rest.

There were tears, and people were just as frightened as I was, but there was also great compassion for one another. We were still a team and we were going to wind this company down together.

Over the next few weeks and months there were definitely difficult times and difficult decisions but things actually did start to get better.

I was able to distance myself from the stressors of the delusional hope of pulling the company around. I was able to gain perspective and began thinking about my next chapter in life. What was I going to do at 50? Start over? Well….actually, yes. I had no choice.

After we closed our doors, what I did next was pretty extraordinary. I decided that I was going to figure out how to reinvent myself, not because I wanted to deny my past but because I needed a rebirth.

I started to write down all the things that I needed to take responsibility for and pull out the lessons that I learned from that experience. I needed to own them, so that I could forgive myself."

There is a lot I'd like to say about Ms. Duke, but I'll keep them to myself......

I have a suggestion what she could do next.  Become a pulp

fiction writer.

A prison inmate would be more appropriate because she cheated so many reporters out of money for a very long time.  

Yep, I agree, Kellie.  I'm so tempted to warn the people who she's working with what she's really like, but I'm still involved in my case with her.  So I'll refrain.  

UPDATE:  Finally!  I won my case against Annette Buttress, Annette Duke, DCR, etc.   She owed me $12,600 going back to 2016.  Filed in small claims last October 2019 for $10,000 max.  She delayed it to December citing sprained ankle.  I won in Small Claims for $9,400 plus costs.   She filed an appeal that was to be heard in March.  That was delayed due to Covid.  Finally got my court date in August.  She didn't show up and called in citing Covid symptoms.   Judge gave her two weeks.  I hired an atty.  Was heard in late August in Ventura Superior.  And just got my Ruling today!  $10,115.   It doesn't cover for my atty fees or all my time lost going to court 3x or my additional lost wages of apx. $2,600, but it's over!  I'll write off the difference on my taxes.   The clerk said 30 days has already past since the Small Claims ruling.  So this time there is no delay for payment.  It is due and payable immediately.  I emailed her and let her know I'm expecting payment ASAP.  Of course, all I had was an old DCR email address.  I'll follow it up with a letter and hope I get paid without further legal intervention, like putting a lien on her.   I think I'm the last of the people ripped off by DCR.  End of a long saga.   If anyone has suggestions on collecting, LMK.  Thank you all for listening and helping!


Thank you, Kellie!

Glad to hear she is finally out of court reporting.  I've heard many horror stories over the years of reporters being owed thousands of dollars because she never paid them.   

And videographers.  And attorneys who used her agency and she'd produce a poor product, like a transcript w/o exhibits.  She'd blame all her mistakes on reporters.  If you Google her name in numerous counties around Calif., you'll find a trail of lawsuits against her.


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