Has anyone ever heard of this agency?  How is their reputation?


Thank you!

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Google "DCR doesn't pay" and "DCR don't work" and see what you find.

Thank you, Amanda:)

I suggest offering to take the job FROM any questionable agency, not for the questionable agency (produced in your name, your agency's name, not that questionable agency's name--dotted line and all).  Either that or get a retainer to cover original and possible copies before taking the job, if you are okay with their dotted line (they can do a wire transfer into your account).  If taking from and you are not able to produce the transcript yourself (you should be able to, easily, really), make arrangements with an agency you work with and give them a percentage of invoice (I'd say 10%) to produce it, at your agency rates. ;-)


Deborah, that is the reason why I check first about any and all information I can with any new agency that I receive a job offer from, especially from out of state.  I have been down that road before and never want to go back.

Thank you:)

This firm DOES NOT PAY the reporters.  DO NOT WORK FOR THEM.  Spread the word

Two years later and they are still pulling the same BS.  Sad.


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