I would like to know who has had this type of splitting issue with their Diamante.

Mine is splitting very simple words, like AT, WE (for when), OBG (for okay) and NOT into two strokes:  A/T, W/E, O/BG, NO/T.  It is doing this like four or five times on every page of transcript.  It has been getting worse and worse for the past year and a half.  I have sent my writer in three or four times now in the last year and a half and SG keeps finding nothing wrong with it.  I do not get this kind of splitting with any of their loaners and I set the loaners to the same settings as my writer.  I have changed the transition time and changed it to minus one less splitting and it helps a tiny bit, but then I get more stacking.  I expect that I will have some splitting and stacking, especially with the faster jobs.  What I'd like to know is if anyone has experienced an increase in splitting in particular that they know they do not write like that.


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Yes, yes.  THE/N, W/E, F/OR etc.  I wasn't getting the issue as bad as you but it definitely was a struggle between the stacking/splitting.  I even started globalling the splits into my dictionary, hoping that would help.

Very frustrating.  I don't use my Diamante any longer; switched to the Impression and have never looked back.  

Kelli, what do you think of the Impression? Has your writing improved? How about tiredness of your arms and shoulders? Does it seem to be reliable?

Hello, Deborah

I love the Impression.  I think the Impression just let's you write the way you write without all the stacking/splitting and additional keys showing up that you haven't pushed.  The keys are plastic, even underneath, where on the Diamante it's metal.  For this reason, I think when writing all day and hitting 500,000 strokes, you're not as tired and in pain as with other writers.  At least that's my feeling.  It's my favorite writer to date.  I'm very happy.

So SG did tell me today that changing the individual keys to make them more or less sensitive can affect splitting and stacking.  Doesn't make sense to me, but that's what they said.  I am going t reset everything to default and start anew and see what happens with my splitting.

Good luck.  Doubt it will make a difference, though.


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