Which machine do you like best?


I purchased the Passport about eight months ago and just hated it.  I could not get one with that machine for the life of me.  I would hit keys and other keys would show up that my fingers did not touch. 

I ended up selling it to a friend and purchasing the Diamante.  I am much happier.  I don't much care for Stenograph, but the machine is so much better.


What's your experience?

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Have you tried using it through your laptop instead of your steno machine?  That would solve the issue.


that isn't what I wanted, that isn't what I paid for.  I like that when I move with my steno, my earbuds are attached to my steno and not tethered to my laptop.
I understand.  I don't ever move with my machine or laptop.  Used to when I covered court on occasion, but don't anymore.

As a work-around for the earbuds-to-laptop issue, Radio Shack sells a set of wireless headphones for about $60.

These consist of a base unit/charger, which plugs into an outlet on one end, and the other to your sound out port, and (of course!) the headphones themselves.

Not sure about the quality of these, as I use a different brand that cost about half the RS price ... but it would solve the roving reporter issue ... sort of.

Hi, Monyeen.

I was under the impression that you couldn't get a Diamante shimmed ...?  Have you heard otherwise?

I actually talked with Steno Doctor last weekend and they told me you can't.  I just don't feel the Diamante's depth goes shallow enough, after writing on a Passport.  boohoo.

My local steno repair ninja says he's not even authorized to open a Diamante up!

Hmmm ...! Maybe a trip down to Advantage might be in order.  Do you know anyone in Florida?  If so, you can test the writer right there, and they can help you make adjustments to it so it will work when you get back home!  :o)

I LOVE my DIamante. I am an Eclipse writer, and hate the idea of using a SG product, as I have not had a pleasant lifetime of experiences with them, but I do love the Diamante. 


I had so many back problems prior to using it.


Another great thing about any wireless writer is when I have to go sidebar in court, I just disconnect the writer from the tripod, and I am on wireless realtime, so it is all ready to go!


Like some others here I'm not a big fan of Stenograph, but they really came up trumps with the Diamante, I love it and have never had a single problem with it, though I'd still like to give the Passport a try too :)
I hated the passport and sold it to a friend and now he is having a ton of troubles with it.  He thinks it is a lemon.  So frustrating. 


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