Eclipse macro recording and other features to look for in the future

I've been in touch with Jeremy on my request of last year.  To get back the simplicity of creating macros on the fly, which we had in the DOS program, will take a lot of effort's on his list of things to do.  However, it will be part of a much larger project, which will add functionality to Mac and Unix users.  Here's what Jeremy has to say:

"One of my long-term projects is rewriting significant portions of the program to allow the entire program to be compiled as a multi-platform version that would run on Windows, Mac and Linux. This is a significant project that I've been working on off and on for over five years so far, and one of the main foundations for that new system is an entirely customizable, flexible user interface which includes a whole new macro system. Part of the new macro system is a mechanism for both executing and recording any function as a command no matter whether it was executed using the keyboard or the mouse, and that mechanism forms the foundation for a macro recording system. In a way, the feature is already done, but you'll have to wait for the multi-platform version of Eclipse to be finished before it will be available.

I have no idea when that will be ready. I have to keep getting away from that project in order to go back to the Windows version of Eclipse in order to add new features that users can't wait for, such as the keyless licensing. Hopefully, after 5.1 is released and stable, I'll be able to get back to work on it."

Exciting things in store for us!

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