I've spent thousands since I started reporting on errors and omissions insurance.  Up for renewal, and I'm thinking about dropping it.  I've never had anything come back regarding a transcript's accuracy in decades.  Anybody ever had to use it?  Thanks! 

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Never, but always think about it.

I am also interested if anyone is using NCRAs health insurance offer.

But professional liability insurance isn't just about a transcript mistake.  It's about missing a crucial deadline or exhibits being misplaced or damaged.  There are many things that could make a reporter liable for costs other than just making a mistake in a transcript.  A house fire could destroy exhibits.  A car accident that damages equipment before the files have been backed up or transferred could mean a transcript can't be produced.  I personally wouldn't work without it.  It not only protects me, but it protects my clients against unforeseen problems.

I hate paying for it, but it's really not that much and it is tax deductible.


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