Wanted to inform all my wonderful CSR colleagues, as I've seen many job posts this week from this agency, that there are jobs being offered through this site for flat rate reporting fees.  What does that mean?  You get paid one flat fee of ___ regardless of how many pages you report in 4 hours.  There is nothing illegal in this state about compensating freelance reporters with flat rates, but I do not see any mention of the flat rate pay in the job offer posts, and I think reporters need to inquire before accepting these jobs.  Do the math.  Approximately 50 pages an hour times 4.  Flat rate divided by that number is what you're getting per page if the depo goes 4 hours.  They are WCAB depos, so probably would be less pages, but that is a risk you take by accepting these assignments.

There are a lot of underworked reporters right now.  I think this agency is counting on it.


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Kelly, I appreciate you coming here to explain the situation.  I understand now what you are doing, but I can't help but fear it's just postponing the inevitable.   It sounds like a terrible situation to be in.  The insurance companies are still getting their way.


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