I am curious how many of you get the flu shot and how much you think it helps to keep you from catching the flu.  I have never gotten them and I do seem to catch the flu, although knock on wood, I seem to get lighter cases of it.  I have just always been of the opinion that immunizations, while they have certainly protected against awful diseases back in history, they ultimately weaken the immune system. 

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I used to get a flu shot every year, and every year I got the flu to the point I would be out sick for a minimum of 7 days.  I finally thought it was a moot point to get it since it didn't keep me from getting the flu.  Ever since I stopped getting them, I have not had the flu.  

I haven't had a flu shot ever.  Can't remember the last time I had the flu.  I'm really more reluctant to get the stomach flu (norovirus) than the bronchial flu.  I do get colds and am trying new things every year to see if I can ever go a year without one or two, especially since they have gotten bronchial in the last few years.  Since I got shingles this year, I sort of figure my immunity could use a boost.  I did start taking a teaspoon of elderberry concentrate every day before Christmas.  I get one that's super concentrated.  You can find cheaper ones, but usually the recommended amount is 1 tablespoon, so if you're pricing it be sure and figure out what the recommended dose is.  Sometimes they will call the more concentrated one "ultra concentrate."  So far it seems good since extended family have had colds and I haven't picked one up yet, even over Christmas when I'm doing a lot.  I am being more conscious of hand washing and using paper towels to exit the restroom as well.  I also am careful about wiping down grocery cart handles this year, but be aware that norovirus isn't usually killed by the hand sterilizers and wipes.  It's much better to wash your hands well for that.  I'll let you know how I think the elderberry concentrate did by the end of the season.  I like the Jason brand Healthy Mouth mouthwash with tea tree oil if I think I'm starting to get a sore throat or anything.

I've been getting the flu shot for the last couple of years, and it worked, except for this year.  I've been down with it for close to three and a half weeks.  It's the worst flu I've ever had, but I'll get the shot again next year.  Hopefully, it will cover all the strains that are out there.

Flu shots.  Google it, Google Vaccines.  Google Vaccine Resistance Movement.

Grapefruit Seed Extract tastes bad, and that is its only drawback.  Put in coffee in the morning, you wil slowly lose weight if you need to because it kills appetite thoroughly:  All your eating will be deliberate.

It prevents catching everything, and it vastly speeds recovery if you do catch something,  It is cheap and convenient (squeeze bottle).  Any health food store has it.  You can buy it directly on the internet.  The version that is undiluted is used to sterilize things (operating rooms, produce, laundry, crops, skin [added to liquid soap]).  Bugs don't develop resistance to it. 

Internally and on surfaces it kills VIRUS, YEAST, MOLD, FUNGUS, BACTERIA, ANAEROBIC BACTERIA, and parasites.  Taken long term, it slowly leaches deep-seated infection from sinuses, gums and lungs, and that includes fungal infections.  Most chronic sinus infections are fungal because doctors prescribe antibiotics obsessively, which encourage fungus. 

It is a stool softener, so ease into it.  You will also find your optimal dose.  I take at least 45 drops a day, in the morning with coffee.  It's when I desist that I catch something.  Long term, I think, the lowering or elimination of inflammation (because you're eliminating infections) in your body prevents diseases.  Most diseases are preceded by a high yeast level.

Other things that serve to counter infectious agents are astragalus, echinacea, Vitamin D-3, Vitamin C, garlic, onion, bitter greens, probiotics (organic, and that's hard to find), and foods that supply B vitamins.  Sometimes taking liquid B -12 is a very good thing, and sometimes licorace extract is a good thing.

I agree about the grape seed extract.  I take it in pill form from Trader Joe's and it does the trick.  Not had a cold in four years.  Something to be said for it I think.

Grapefruit seed extract.  The extract is more powerful.  I have used the capsules.  Orange juice is a good vector for the extract, too.  I have put it on cuts for myself and for animals.

I got a flu shot this year for the first time in a LONG time, upon advice of a doctor witness.  We had an attorney come from out of town with the flu.  And he was a nurse for 17 years before he became an attorney, so he knew better.  The doctor expert said to go get it that day, and it would lessen any effects from my having been exposed to it by him.  He hacked up a lung while he was there and said, "I would have canceled it if it had been local, but since it was out of town, I didn't want to cancel."  I'm sure his fellow passengers on the planes he took to get here appreciated his thoughtfulness.


That idiot is the reason I carry face masks to depositions.  What a turd.

I use grapefruit extract to make DIY veggie wash.  Since I'm sure you're all dying to know, here's the recipe:

1 cup water
1 cup vinegar
1 tablespoon baking soda
20 drops grapefruit seed extract (a natural antibacterial)  (I bought it at iherb dot com
Don’t double the recipe because it will totally foam and overflow.

2 batches of this made separately in a large container fit into a FIT container. I had bought 3 containers of FIT veggie wash and use those containers for my own DIY substitute. I make 6 batches to fill up all my containers and use a capful of the veggie wash in each load of water when cleaning produce in my large salad spinner.

Marge, I'm also a big fan of coconut oil.  I used to do the oil pulling, think I'll start up again.  It also whitens your teeth.  I also use it to cook eggs, popcorn and almost anything that requires oil.  It'santi viral and and antibacterial.  I never get the flu.



Mary, right on about coconut oil.  Good stuff.  Olive oil is adulterated now, I read, with canola - something about corruption in Italy, and our Ag. Dept.  Don't know whether it's true or not; the companies deny it when you call them.

A great thing about coconut oil is:  Its smoke point is 450 degrees and it's near-tasteless.  Sooo, you can combine it with butter, still have the butter taste, and not the scorch that butter's low smoke point creates.

There are some 'magic ingredients' that you can add to any recipe that will take them, that keep you healthy.  Some are parsley, garlic, onion, curry, ginger (including candied ginger), whole cabbage family, tomato powder,coffee (liquids in stews), lentils (cook along with rice, put a few in - same timing), lemon pepper, lemons or limes.

I cook carrots in concentrated frozen orange juice, simmering it down to candy the carrots.  I always put curry on onions.  I drink black tea and coffee every day for health.  Hmm, I also always add the seed, and often the core, of green peppers when I cook with them.  And the bottoms of broccali, sliced thin, pass for water chestnuts in rice.

Cooking like this, and eating the healthful foods ... we all know what they are ... will go far to prevent infections getting a stronghold in you.


Great stuff, Emily.  I use the coconut oil for the pulling and popcorn.  I should probably use it for sauteeing too.  

Ginger, I scrub a pound or so, cut off the gnarly parts, cut into small chunks, and throw it into food processor.  (yes, unpeeled; it's not worth the effort!).  I put the pulverized and juicy ginger in large freezer ziplock and press it out so it's a thin layer, maybe 1/2 inch thick and freeze it like that.  When I need ginger, I take out my frozen ginger, whack the bag on the counter and voila I have a nice big hunk of frozen fresh ginger to throw into the stainless steel skillet.  I do the same thing with garlic.  Trim the one end, whack them all with big knife to peel each clove, throw into food processor and freeze the same way I did with ginger.  Yeah, I could buy a jar of minced garlic but no way am I doing that just on principle!

Today for lunch:  a cup or so of chick peas (cooked from dried beans), a hard-boiled egg, and half an avocado.  FAB!!

I am impressed that you make your own.  My favorite product at our Trader Joe's is packages of plain crushed garlic, ginger, cilantro and/or basil in the freezer section in a small red plastic container that looks similar to an ice cube tray.  Just pop out what you need and put it back in the freezer. No slicing, dicing or getting the blender dirty.  


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