I just added a page to my website of funny court reporter/deposition videos. Feel free to share it. If you don't find it on the page " Chuckles 4 Court Reporters" go to " useful links" on my website @ www.professionaldepos.com. Some feedback I have been getting is that " Chuckles 4 Reporters" makes me look less "professional" so may bury it in the " Useful Links" page. What do you think? We all need to laugh don't we? 

If you have any suggestions for video links let me know. 

Stephenie Hollyman, CLVS Videographer


Covering San Francisco Bay


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Those are some really, really  great enjoyable videos.  I hadn't seen several of them before.

You can click the little square in the lower right-hand corner of the videos to enlarge the video to a full screen.



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