Has anyone had a successful hand surgery and been able to return to reporting?

      Thanks, Renee


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What kind and for what condition?  I've warded off lots of hand issues over the years with no surgery.

  The ortho is recommending CMC Arthroplasty - basal joint is bone on bone

Well, that one I don't know about.  If you've lost cartilage, surgery is probably the only option, but you don't want that happening to any more hand joints.

That sounds terrible.  Did you get that from court reporting?  This job is tough on the body, that's for sure.

I'm actually wondering if that's what is starting on my right hand by the base of the thumb, though mine doesn't seem to be in the actual joint.  I think mine is a ganglion cyst.  I've been using cold laser and castor oil packs with low heat and it is getting less swollen.  Doesn't hurt a lot but I know it's there.

I had carpal tunnel surgery my first year of reporting.  I started getting it while I was in school.  I did both hands, a couple months apart.  That was in 1990 and I'm still working.


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