If you have a question about an agency, post the agency name here along with your e-mail address, and someone who's familiar with the agency will e-mail you back. Please do not post any negative comments.

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Has anyone ever done any work for NJSteno?  Their web page says they're in Woodbridge, NJ, but they actually don't have an office that's manned all the time.  They say most of their people are "in the cloud."

I took a job on 10/10 which went expedited, and I turned it in 10/15, and the bill was over 1,600.  Still waiting.  I got a call back last Friday from one of the partners who said he would be 
"in the office" on Monday and would send me a check.  Monday was three days ago.  I called today and spoke to the other partner who said he was writing me a money order right then and would mail it out first thing tomorrow.  A money order instead of a check?  Strange. But he also said I could meet him at his house (about 12 miles away) and pick it up.  But then he said it would have to be tomorrow night because he didn't have the money order with him right then.  This is ridiculous!  It sounds like something is up with this company.

Please e-mail me at keyboardkat86@gmail.com

Has anyone heard of or worked for Instant Court Reporters? Feedback welcomed. :)

Haven't heard of them, but the name sounds like, if you want a court reporter, you just put some Instant Court Reporter in a cup, add hot water and stir, and, voila!  A court reporter.  This could be a great idea for the name of a new drink, LOL.

Sorry, just couldn't resist some corny humor!  Just ignore!

I've covered two jobs for them and have been paid on time.  I'd recommend them.

Has anyone worked for Magna?

Has anyone ever heard of/worked for Dynamic Legal Solvers, LLC in Irvine, CA?

Please email me at Debra@CodigaReporting.com.

Thank you!

has anyone ever heard of American Reporting Services out of San Raphael, CA?  

I had asked about has anyone ever heard of American Reporting out of San Raphael CA and I guess I forgot to include my email!  kiddleativy@yahoo.com.  Thanks!

Anyone here worked with Litigation Services out of Las Vegas, NV?  Thanks.


Litigation Services is good.  They pay fast.  I work with them all the time.  In fact, I'm taking a job for them today,

Baker Realtime Reporting,  any word on them?

Dana Welch



EScribers?  Any info?




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