Okay, I returned my Samsung 15 inch because I just didn't like the number pad and off center touch pad. So I got a Dell Inspiron and the speakers are staticky and 30 minute hold times to talk to Dell.  Dell has always had really good audio speakers but I guess not anymore.  I liked the 15 inch Dell screen with no number pad and a centered touchpad.  So I'm going to get a 14 inch screen if I have to, but looking for one with Windows 7 still.  What laptops have good speakers built in for playback?

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I got a Toshiba Ultrabook last month, and it's got nice loud speakers.  It is a 13" computer, though, so probably not large enough for you.  It has Win7, 3 USB ports, separate microphone and headphone jacks, BT, and weighs only 2.5 lbs.  It makes a beautiful recording with its built-in microphone, which is a bonus that I wasn't expecting.  I'm very happy with it.

The Toshiba Portege line I think is very good.  This is my second Portege.  There might be something larger available than what I got.  You select the options you want, and they build the computer for you at the Toshiba Direct website.

I have a Toshiba Satellite.  The speakers are so loud that I have to turn the volume down halfway or less.  Mine is 14".  I love the size.  I used to use 15" laptops, but I actually prefer the 14.  I don't like the number pads on the right either.  I like the touch pad centered.

I know that Best Buy only sells Windows 8.   Maybe Staples might have some Windows 7.  You can probably get one online configured with 7, as long as you know the audio is good. 

Thanks guys.  I actually got this Acer from Walmart I'm going to try.  I like the look of the keyboard and a friend said it had really good audio.  Do you know anything about Acer's?


Chris, it's a Toshiba Satellite P745-54217.  It's about a year old.


A report I know who loves Toshibas always got the Tecra models over Satellite.  Do you know anything about that?


Do you think Toshiba still today manufactures their own, really?
Thanks for the info.

I don't have any experience with Tecra, Kerry.


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