I'm working on a video depo of a paramedic, and he says something that I can't find a spelling for and I'm not sure is a real word. I wish I knew how to attach the audio like Jennie does so you could listen to it, but since I don't know how, I'll just give you the context and a description of how it sounds. It sounds like hypoglemia or hypoglyemia. The closest thing I know to that is hypoglycemia, but that doesn't make sense in context. Here's the answer below:

A. Less than or equal to two cap refill stands for capillary refill. And basically that is when you pinch -- the way we do it as a paramedic is you pinch your nail bed, and if you see the return of blood within less than two seconds, that shows that you have good circulation through the body. So it means that blood is flowing. When it's delayed, you'll see the sign greater than two, and that means that there's something going on, hypoglyemia-wise [sic].
So in this patient's status, he had a cap refill of less than two, so he was -- at that current time, he was circulating blood fine.

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You can create little audio clips too. You download the audio to your desktop, so that you can play it in Windows Media player or another one that you like.

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Hypoglycemia means low blood sugar, I think.
Thank you, Jennie! Right now is not the time for me to make that investment, but I'm so glad to know about it. And I'm glad to find out that it wasn't something as simple as click this, click that, and voila!! I was getting a little frustrated that I couldn't figure out how to do it on my own...LOL!
Hi, Sharla. I Googled "capillary test," and it appears the test is for circulation or dehydration. Could it by "hypohydremia" or "hypovolemia," both of which indicate lack of fluid in the blood.

Your paramedic seems to be talking circulation rather than dehydration, though, and I am fairly certain diabetics have poor nailbed circulation and are prone to peripheral neuropathy. It seems related, but I'm with you on it not making sense. I can't imagine the finger pinch is the go-to diagnostic procedure for diabetic shock.

Tami, you nailed it with hypovolemia! That's definitely it!!!

Thanks, you guys! I'm always amazed by the knowledge, expertise, and willingness to help that I find here.

Hope this helps.


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