The dialogue:

Q     Looking at your narrative report of August 25, 2010, under (alto???)skeletal --

A     Yes.

Q     Could you tell me what objective findings are in that paragraph?

This is a deposition of a rheumatologist.  Can someone please help??  

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99.9 percent certain it's auto-skeletal.

Thanks, Cathryn!

Arthritis is considered a musculo-skeletal disorder.

Thanks, Rachel, but he clearly isn't saying musculo-skeletal.  

Auto and alto definitely sound very similar.  I have been noticing words like that a lot lately.  Don't know why I am noticing more now, but dang, we have a hard job! 

I agree!  I had a depo where I had to ask if they were saying field or fuel becuase they sounded the same and either of those were fitting to the context!  :-0)

Don't know if you've moved beyond this by now... But could it be  "A-2"?  Could he be talking about a numbered paragraph?


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