Which born would you use here?


A.    The position is one that is born in many companies out of Sarbanes-Oxley.


Is it born or borne here?



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Borne.  I think.  A few more prior sentences would be helpful.


Thanks guys.............prior sentences don't really help a lot, but I think it is borne, too.


The correct one is borne.  The rule is anything with life (humans, animals, plants) are born.  Everything else is borne.


The Stenograph writer that was "born in the United States"  makes me cringe everytime I look at that ad.  I did a search on the Internet a few weeks ago on born or borne, and there were a few sceanrios I questioned myself on when borne is correct.

Well, this one was weird because I couldn't tell if they were talking about a position that "came into being"

out of Sarbanes.  And the context before and after don't help.

Borne is the past participle of bear.   Bear/bore/borne.


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