I am looking for any textbooks from the old Herman Miller theory.  If you have them, I would be willing to pay for them, including postage -- or borrow them and pay postage both ways. 

I am also looking for the old "Harry Lee" dictation put out by the then NSRA, I believe.

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Check out Amazon.

There is ONE Herman Miller theory book -- 25 bucks.

Get it before someone else does.

Good afternoon, Caroline.  Well, for some reason I did not see this in 2015 (yes, five years ago).  However, as I was perusing the pages  in this time of COVID that has given me loads of extra time, I thought I would reach out and see if you still had this theory book.  LOL.  If I am totally off and it is long gone, thank you anyhow.  If you do happen to still have it, I can Venmo or PayPal the $25 plus postage.  Best wishes.

Hi, Katherine.

A few years ago, someone was cleaning out her closet and found a bunch of speed tapes from the NSRA and the NCRA that she wanted to get rid of, so naturally, I volunteered to take them off her hands.

I don't recall whether or not there were any of the Harry Lee dictations in there, but if you have about a gig's worth of space on your hard drive, I transferred most of those tapes to my computer (two of them just wouldn't play), zipped the resultant audio files and uploaded them to my website, and you can find them here:


Again, I don't know if any of those are what you're looking for, but either way, they should keep you busy.

Hope you find what you're looking for!


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