Does anyone out there in Orange County, Ca have a great CPA?

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I don't have a great CPA, but I've mentioned my person who does taxes before.

She is an enrolled agent, therefore can represent you if you are audited.  She's done my taxes for the last 3 or 4 years.  I forget how long.  She's in South Orange County, but she will do appointments via Skype or you can mail in your stuff.

If you want her info, let me know.

I highly recommend Debbie Gruber at It's Tax Time

17332 Irvine Boulevard # 295
Tustin, CA 92780-3098
(714) 505-5488

She files for many of our reporters and myself personally and is possibly the greatest CPA in California.  Fast - Friendly - Reasonable rates......

Thank you so much.  I was hoping to find someone who is experienced in filing taxes for reporters.

I used to go to a CPA, Phil Libertore.  The first two years or so were great.  But then he charged me an arm and a leg and I still owed money, plus I wasn't getting in to see the man himself.  We had been passed off to someone else who entered our money into their program that fills out the tax forms. 

I figured if I'm going to owe the money anyway, I'd like to pay a little less (or a lot less) and know I'm still owing the money.

I think it depends on the individual rather than CPA versus enrolled agent versus dude who set up shop on the corner for tax season. 

I used an EA for years.  Then one year we used my husband's business' CPA to do our personal return and there was not a thing different than what the EA did.   So now I'm back to my EA and she charges 400 bucks (but we have K1s and a lot of crap)  The CPA wanted to charge 1,000 bucks but we talked them down to  700 bucks.   Still it's an extra 300 bucks I can spend elsewhere.   I suppose there can be lots of bad EAs, though.


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