Does anyone have any good contacts for great experienced certified interpreters? I've been having so many problems with interpreters lately! I'm looking for some direct contacts if anyone can help and direct me to some in the Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento and Bay Area. 

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No big problems to where they have to suspend the deposition! lol

I'm working on finding some more reliable interpreters, was hoping to get some recommendations! 

Laura, I'd suggest you post this in an email blast the the agency group.  You'll for sure get an answer there.  Leave your email address so someone can get back to you quickly.  I've copied/pasted the Agency group below.

Thank you!

I've been lucky to have overwhelmingly positive experiences with interpreters.  I admire their professionalism and skill, and so it was really shocking to be in a depo a few weeks ago where it was suspended due to interpreter issues.  I know there's an out-of-state interp. agency that has a bad reputation among both interpreters and attorneys.  I've heard that many interpreters refuse to work for them due to low pay, and many attorneys lament the low quality of the interpreters provided by that agency and that the insurance companies force them to use them. 

I do know some good interpreters.  Please post your contact information so I can pass it along to them. (209) 477-0837

Thank you! I appreciate it! 

Great.  I passed your contact info to a Vietnamese interpreter who is outstanding.  I know attorneys who won't do the depo unless she's the interpreter.  Also passed it on to a very experienced and professional Spanish interpreter.   

Maybe call the agencies that are sending the certified interpreters and tell them you need a certified interpreter that has experience with depositions, not court  (as you know if a big, big difference), or even calling the different firms and telling them what is happening to see if they can train them on depositions.

I know once that new rule came about a few years back, all the certified interpreters were horrible.  


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