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See? my point exactly.. the poor fellow that owns this phone has 110 emails that he cant reply to because he doesn't have a keypad to type fast.
so they have to wait till they get home or start pecking the screen with his finger like its a chicken fight :P

The iphone is cool, no doubt.
oops, sorry.
I didn't know it was a screenshot of your phone.
I apologize. :-)
I thought I'd miss the keypad too, but the tappy-tap keyboard pops up anytime you need it. It's not something you need to search for either. You tap the blank where you want to type something, and the keyboard pops up. Sorry, Monti, but I'll be able to counter nearly every worry you have.
and I assure you I will lose.
I have never won an argument against an apple user.. they dont let you.
P.s: I am an apple user, ha!
I know what you mean. My husband is a Mac guy, and we're always arguing about which is better. We do the same thing about our respective political parties too. Jeff shot an Internet-only Mac vs PC commercial that they never aired, but it sounded hysterical. But that's a whole other subject.
Ahhhh daang, if they only aired this one.
too bad.
I'm just wondering if anyone here has tried the Blackberry Storm or has any information about the pros and cons of it versus the iPhone?
BB storm is one of the worst "smart phones" ever made.. simply google "bb storm reviews" to see the tons of negative reviews that are out there.
I recommend you stay away from it.
that said, It has been improved since it was released. how much? i dont know.

I tested it the first day it came out, what a terrible expensive phone.
Thanks Monti, I've had a look at some of the reviews :(
My network doesn't have the option of iPhone yet, I may have to switch...
Honestly guys, tell me this is not cool
Its launching tomorrow.

P.S: Software is key in the review.. I frankly dont think anyone can mess with apple as far as sleekness and design.


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