Hi, All - I'm going to buy a netbook for a trip we're taking. Anyway, I thought it might be possible to use it to provide realtime after this trip. I sort of hate to add one more pound even to my luggage, but liked the HP 1030NR (which is 2.38 pounds) and am reading good things about the Asus Eee 1000HE, which is a little heavier at about 3.2. Any thoughts on this? Thanks, Alice

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I have 2 Asus EEE that work fine for realtime with Eclipse. You have to back up your jobs and delete them right away, however, since the hard drive is very small and won't hold too many .wav files. The only con is the keyboard, which you must have very small fingers to manipulate. I was going to get over this by getting a foldable keyboard at some point.
I still don't take them much on jobs, only on the short ones that I know I need to travel light on. If I think I am going to have time to edit on breaks or it's a full day deposition, then I take my bigger laptop with me. I would like to transition completely to my Asus EEE at some point soon, but haven't quite gotten there yet.
I hope this gives you some insight.
I use the netbooks ONLY for client hookups at depositions. I have HP Mini, and it has a nice-sized hard drive, and came with a fabulous Windows XP modified OS. This puppy has very little boot-up time. The fellow at Staples where I bought it said it was better than the others (I bought this 6 months ago and things change!) and it was $50 cheaper. Great when taking extra laptops in carry-on baggage.
If you look at the specs on the netbooks, you will see that they have capability on a quite smaller scale than other chips.... particularly if you think of running your CAT on them. For a throw-down for hookup. they're fine.

The atom chip rated 12 percent on Expreme Geek and the Centrino 2 rated 90 plus percent. Front side bus speeds on the atom chip are in the 500 plus area, while the newer ones, Centrino 2, are 1060 plus, or double.

One gig RAM versus Four gigs RAM on my Centrino 2. Pricing, Atom, 350, 400, 450, depending; Centrino 2, HP DV3510, Best Buy, all the bells and whistles, 999. 4.2 pounds weight, 13.3 inch screen, full size keyboard, great audio.

I bought mine in November and would buy it again today, HPDV3510.

Thanks. I am thinking of client hookup and not using it to run Eclipse, so all of this is good information so people can figure out which way these new light netbooks can work for them. I'm thinking of putting Bridge on it after we're back from this trip to maybe entice more attorneys with realtime hookup.
I have been using my Acer Aspire One every day. I keep all my jobs on it with wav. files. Haven't had any issues. Love it. My LightSpeed and my acer have changed my life.


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