I'd like to get feedback on words or dates that end with "ish" .  I usually put an apostrophe like ( 'ish) connected to whatever date or word.

And I connect "wise" to words directly, but I've seen people hyphen it too.

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I have Florida teacher certification in English 6-12 and Elementary Education.  A hyphen is usually used when two words are being blended together like a last name (My name is Mary Susie Cochran-Smith).  Ish is not a word, so technically it would be improper to make is with -ish.  Another rule: Does it look right?  He got to the store around 5-ish.  He got to the store around 5'ish.

I don't use a hyphen or an apostrophe usually.   I just do:   timewise, 10:00ish.    But recently I did use a hyphen because the witness side "wide ish" and I thought "wideish"  looked funny, so I used a hyphen "wide-ish."

I think ish after time looks fine, but after certain words, it looks weird at first glance so you have to put something in between just for readability.  I've always used wise connected to the word.

I always hyphenate that stuff most of the time, not like reddish, but 6:00-ish, etc., weird ones.  Lots of words include the "ish" ending.  If they don't include the "ish" ending, I add the hyphen.





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