I'm trying to find a home for this kitty. It was a property my husband was selling. The family had the cat for 6 years, Amelia, and decided they were going to sell their house and move away and didn't want her anymore. They took her to the humane society. I went down and adopted her to get her out of there, but I have 5 cats of my own. I can't keep her. She's a very sweet kitty. Can anyone adopt this kitty or know anyone that can? She is very sweet but heartbroken because her family just abandoned her. She doesn't know what's going on. Breaks my heart.

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Kelly - It was so incredibly kind of your to take Amelia into your home.  We're in NYS - but I'm sure there are people nearer you who would love to adopt Amelia.  I can't get over the family's cruelty at abandoning her her and leaving town.  

I totally agree.  My husband had the listing so of course, he can't say anything to them.  I, on the other hand, was bashing them a hundred miles an hour.  So not good people.  They did not seem to care what happened to their kitty.  Super sad.  I'm doing my best to find her a good home.

I have 5 cats and 2 Huskies and am maxed.  Otherwise, I'd keep her. My husband said NO!!!

Hi, Kelli -- You are a wonderful animal person to rescue Amelia!  There are more cats and dogs looking for homes right now because of the recent tropical storms and floods, so it might be even more difficult to find another home for her.  Maybe as you get used to having her around and she bonds with your other cats, you will decide that she is "just one more cat."  I had five for many years, although I'm down to three now.  If that is totally impossible, you could go to a reputable shelter near you and explain that you are fostering her but that she needs to find a home.  Shelters are careful about checking on possible homes and calling the person's vet, et cetera.  Also, Facebook is a good place to perhaps list her with rehoming groups.

I have her on multiple Facebook pages.  She is not at my house.  She is at my friend's house that has a kitty condo in the back of her property where Amelia is hanging out.  That's where the sad pic was taken from.  We will find her a home.   In my house, I have 7 animals and it's enough.

Thank you so much for taking responsibility for your brother's cat.  In Florida we prosecute cruelty to animals.  And, what your brother did is despicable in my words and my opinion, which everyone has. 

 I live in a complex that is called Cat Network.  We take care of stray cats and will take on the responsibility of neutering or spaying the cats.  If you're a stray cat, you want to live where I live...

However, cats are abandoned and it breaks my heart so much, that families just leave and abandoned their cat.  Hoping a cat lover will take care of it.  Do we have a choice?  No.  This E mail is a sore spot with me.  With all of the things I hear in Court, this is on top of the list being inexcusable.  I wonder if your brother has any kids, would he leave them.

Thank you, for handling the cat and finding a home.

Heidi - 

Where in my post did I say this was my "brother's cat"?  I never said that and that's not true.  I don't even have a brother.


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