I'm interested in buying a new laptop...I want a glare-free screen and fairly fast...any suggestions? 

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I bought both of my ASUS laptops on eBay used.  New they're 1200 and used they were about 500.  Both work amazing and very fast.  They're the Zenbook.  Best part is very, very light.  Maybe a pound at the most. 

I have two for backup purposes in case one of them doesn't work.  Thankfully that has not happened lately.  If you want the link, I can post it.

Hi Kelli...yes, please send me the link..I will be doing all my work on the laptop..will this also work?  thanks!  

This ASUS Zenbook does not have a DVD drive, hence why it's so light.  If you get an external DVD player, which is what I have, you can load all your drivers for printer, scanner, etc. on it and use it if you add the keyboard, monitor, etc.  You'll probably need a USB hub so you can add stuff to it like mouse as well.  It only has two USB ports.  I don't use it for home, only out taking jobs.


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