I'm in the market for a new laptop. Lenovo is tops on my list. The important feature I need is to be able to insert microphone and headphone together and simultaneously record audiosync and listen. Most laptops don't have this feature.

Any reporter out there with a recommendation for a laptop with this feature?

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For ThinkPad lovers (the only laptop I've ever had; I'm currently on my 5th), do some price checking and then call this guy to see what he has:

Robert (Bob) C. Bogutsky
5064 Overcrest Drive
Kannapolis, NC 28081 USA
Telephone (Home) 704 785-9276
Primary Email ID: rbogutsky@carolina.rr.com
Facsimile: 704 782-4911
Mobile: 704 258-3287

He's a retired IBMer, who has great (legitimate) sources of new and slightly used ThinkPads, all with Lenovo warranties which can and should be verified with Lenovo prior to buying, which he upgrades and sells a few on eBay but mostly privately since that gives him the ability to work with the potential buyer and suggest units and alternatives. I am using a T61 now that I bought from him. You get a lot more for your money with Bob than anywhere else. Mine came with only 8 months left on the warranty, so I bought a 2-year extended warranty from Lenovo for $129.

You can't go wrong with Bob. He's terrific and so knowledgeable.

I use Catalyst and get excellent audiosynch.

Marge Teilhaber CSR RDR
Fort Lee NJ

P.S. Maura, about recording and listening, there's tons of information about this on forums. I know people know and love the Radio Shack device.

Also this:
some snippets from a file I keep:
1. "confirm that I’m recording by listening with earphones into the out jack, wearing a headphone and listening to the feed into my audiosync. "
2. "adjust the volume control settings for playback from sound being recorded by the microphone"

Speak to Bob about this to insure that any ThinkPad he might sell you has all the ports.

I wholeheartedly agree with Marge. I think I'm on my fifth ThinkPad as well. Thanks for the recommendation, Marge. The company that I purchased all five laptops from is now out of business, so I thought my only choice was to go direct through Lenovo.

I've always had great audio, and I'm using a Labtec microphone that I paid $8 for.

I used to use the Labtec and still have it as backup. I forget why I bought the minimic from SG but I remember thinking that it's better. I don't have a recollection now of exactly why I thought it was better. I'll have to do a 10-page experiment with my Labtec to RIRM.

Happy to refer Bob. I bought my last TP from him in March of 2007 and it's going strong. I use it only when out on a job. I would say that 20 people have bought from him on my recommendation: several friends and many CR friends. Good luck and let us know!
there is also a USB device that you can plug in that is a mic and has
headphone plugs so you can hear what you are recording.

another option?
If you buy the usb mic from Martell electronics, then when you plug it into the USB port the device has a jack that you can plug your earphone into so you can hear the enhanced digital recording it is doing. I have become addicted to it -- I'm sure attorneys think I'm deaf as a post.

Could you give us the model number for this particular mic? It's not jumping out at me on the Martel site.

Marge Teilhaber, RDR
Fort Lee, NJ
Sorry to have been so long, Marge. it is listed on the martel website as Elite Court reporter microphone... believe me, it is pricey, but it pays for itself in that you have no batteries to buy and no worry that in the middle of a marathon depo of an expert witness it is not going to run out of juice. Plus the fact that you can listen to the enhanced audio it is producing, you will find it addictive.

Do you know this mic will work great plugged into a USB hub? I only have 3 USB ports. One port gets the Belkin serial/USB adapter, one gets my external keyboard, and the other has my hub where I plug in my Catalyst key and flash drive. There's room in the hub for another item.
How great is the sound quality of the recording?
Just wanted to plug ASUS laptops. They've been making high-end motherboards for years (most high-end computers use ASUS parts) and just in the past few years I've seen ASUS putting out their own laptops. If you see one at a reasonable price, take a second look!
What's ASUS??
would this be a computer i might use at home? for cable internet and downloading tv shows, etc?
I found this microphone on the internet, I'm sure you can find others
similar to this one.

Line 6
BackTrack + Mic - USB Smart Recording Device
Single Channel Auto Record on Receiving Signal Built-In Microphone Mark Button for Keeper Takes Loop Function Stereo Headphone Output Portable Battery Operated (Rechargeable)

sorry, looks as though the picture didn't come through,
here's the internet link:
it's number three on the page, Line 6 is the name of it.
You can buy a Pure Audio external sound device and plug in both a microphone and a headset to one USB port, and it works great, or buy a USB microphone 2.0 microphone from www.soundprofessionals.com. It is a turquoise blue case with an embedded microphone on one side and two holes for plugging in a headset with microphone if you use one sometimes, or plug in your headset. The sound is great, and I have a Lenovo T61 laptop.


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