Has anyone used LiveNote stream? How does it work? Does the reporter have to have some kind of special software?

Any info would be appreciated.

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Depends on your CAT software. If you're on Case Cat, it's built in. If on anything else, you'll need a separate computer with special software.
I have CaseCat, but Livenote will send you what to install on your computer. It's easy and their instruction are easy. And then the attorney on his side will be connected to Livenote stream and then you are connectec
Hi Kyung.
If it's on an extra computer (either provided by you or the agency or the law firm), you'll usually receive instructions similar to the ones below: I don't know if it's the same when using your own system. But this info is what I've rec'd from LiveNote prior to setup:

LiveNote Inc. has scheduled an Internet Realtime session using the LiveNote Stream service and assigned you as session manager:

Start date: Aug 2 2008
Estimated end date: Aug 2 2008
Providing an Internet Realtime feed
Note: You must be using LiveNote Stream Manager Version 1.0 or higher.

Use the following information to set up and connect the LiveNote Stream Manager:

Global Server Address: ir3.livenote.com
Session name: *usually your name or agency or firm vs. ____
Username: *your e-mail address you provided
Password: ***** (given by LiveNote)
Please store your username and password in a secure place. You will need them for all future logins to LiveNote Central, and when logging in to an Internet Realtime session in LiveNote.

For instructions on how to send the realtime feed, see:


Session participants
The following users have been given access to this session and the listed services. Those users have automatically been contacted with the details for this session, along with instructions on how to connect.

Group name: *(usually your agency/firm vs. ________/date)
User: *(usually lawyer's e-mail who ordered/connecting)
Instant Messaging, Realtime Transcript
User: **(assigned beforehand)
Instant Messaging, Realtime Transcript

If you have any questions, please call LiveNote Technical Support at 1-800-LIVENOTE.

The LiveNote Team

The useful part of this is really to take a look at the LiveNote Stream Manager - Getting Started Guide (see PDF link)
That might give you a "start" to how it all comes together.

Hope this helps!

So what I'm hearing is you have to have extra software. Does it cost for the software?
No, I didn't pay for anything. I don't know if the agency paid for the service.
Very helpful. Thanks.

According to the manul, you're supposed to have 60GB available. That's a lot.
Instead of giving your dollars to a vendor who is trying to take your job away, why not go the Eclipse route and purchase Teleview, your vendor that's working for YOU.
Actually, it's a separate program that needs special consideration....meaning if you run it on the same computer as your working computer, you need to start it first before your CAT program, being sure to select the Virtual port if that's the only way you are sending. You can have the LiveStream running with the virtual port to it for Web streaming as well as a cable physical hookup or wireless. There is a different setup when you do this. LiveNote/LiveStream is an extra charge. I took their course and got the stream with the course. You don't have to have an extra computer, just would be a different initial setup on starting LiveStream. It's easy to use. FYI: LiveStream is NOT built in to CC, only CaseView is. You would receive CV thru your LiveStream.

You can actually have Stream Manager on the same laptop as your CAT software. I purchased Stream Manager in the summer of '07 and they had changed it as of then. It's a lot easier than trucking around two laptops.

It has been made user friendly, especially where they will test it out with you before you even get to the job.

Good thread,


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