Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anybody out there is using a Mac book along with the Eclipse software.  My Toshiba is crapping out and it's time for a new computer and I'm thinking of getting a Mac.  

Does anybody out there have any feedback on whether this is a good or bad move?   I just need to do realtime and get awesome audio.  Is that too much to ask?

Your responses are appreciated.



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I just bought one a month ago.  I got a MacBook Pro.  I am using Parallels with Windows 8.1 and I am loving it.  It has a great internal mic, which makes the recording crystal clear.

Good to know.  I asked the Eclipse tech support guy about it and he said they have users who have had to install Bootcamp on the system so that the Mac can run windows.  Is that similar to what you are doing?  

I would so love to have great audio without the expensive mics.  My audio on my Toshiba barely cuts it.  I've spent God knows how much on mics that don't improve the audio quality.  

Thanks for your feedback.

It is similar, but I believe you have to physically shut down the computer each time you want to use the other side (Mac or PC). With Parallels you just press a button.
I bought mine at Best Buy and had the Geek squad load Parallels and Windows 8.1 then loaded Eclipse myself. I have been using it with no external mic, which I have paid a lot for in the past, and am really surprised how good it is.
Good luck!!!

Hi, Deborah.

There are at least four ways to run Windows on a Mac:

(1) Boot Camp (http://www.apple.com/support/bootcamp)

(2) Parallels (http://www.parallels.com/products/desktop)

(3) VMWare Fusion (http://www.vmware.com/products/fusion)

(4) VirtualBox (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/virtualbox/downloa...)

I think there might be one more, but I can't remember what it's called, nor have I tested it, so ...

Anyway, all four of these solutions require you to provide a copy of Windows -- and I think XP isn't supported by any of them, owing to the Mac's 64-bit architecture.

Parallels and Fusion are about $60, while Boot Camp comes with every Mac, so it's technically free, as is VirtualBox (free, that is).

Of the four, only Boot Camp allows you to run Windows without running the Mac OS at the same time; the others require the Mac OS to be running in order to work.

Hope that sheds a little light ...

Well, aren't you just full of great information today, Glen.   That's great to know.

 I've always wanted to get a Mac but was afraid it would be way too complicated to set it up.  It'd be interesting to see how many reporters actually do use a Mac with reporting software.

There's a few folks out there that are using their Macs for steno:


While it says it's for Case Catalyst folk, you can still get help with whichever environment you decide to run on your Mac in that group.

As for the info, that's part of an article I'm in the process of rewriting for Cheap and Sleazy ... which I hope to finish ... one of these days!

Turns out that I wasn't quite correct when I wrote that bit about XP not working with the various methods to run Windows because of the Mac's 64-bit architecture.

I did, however, run into one or two mentions of not being able to install versions of XP before service pack two, so that might be has been what was going on with my attempted install. You can read the thread here.

Thanks for all the feedback, Glen.  I ended up buying a Toshiba because of its lower price and my being too chicken to have to deal with technical issues in setting up a Mac.  I've discovered that Windows 8 really sucks and getting used to it is a pain!  Other than that, the computer is great and has GREAT audio from the built-in mic.  Isn't that what really matters in the end!?  

It's good that you found something you like, Deborah!

As for the disappointment you're having with Windows 8, you're not alone! That's why you might want to download this one:


It should make your Windows 8 install look more like Windows 7, and hopefully make things more bearable until Windows 9 comes out (or Windows 10, if you follow the "skip every other version of Windows!" idea.

Deborah, I too was thinking about getting a Mac and trying to do steno on it.  I'm curious, though, which Toshiba did you get?  I've been using one, but the sound isn't that great.  I'm due for a laptop because I'm still on XP and now that they're not supporting it, I feel compelled to get a new laptop.  Thanks.


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