Moving to work in a state that requires a Notary before working.

Anyone have any suggestions on this.  I would like to move to North Carolina - but to work there I have to be living there first (a resident), or have a job first and then sign up for a six hour course at a community college.  It sounds easy to just go get an apartment, sign up for the course, wait to get the notary, and then start working.


Anyone had any experiences with moving and getting their notary to work?

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Google "Getting Notary in NC"  and follow the instructions.   You might be able to get the process started before you move.


Karen has already given you my first answer.  Google is a beautiful thing.

I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Maryland in January of this 2012.  As soon as I had a Maryland residence address, I was downloading applications, figuring out what I had to do, and contacting folks who might be references for the applications for me.  There are no shortcuts.  That's what you have to do. 

Even with getting an early start, it likely will not be quick, and there may be more to getting a notary public commission than you realize.  For example, in December, I was filling out applications and getting needed references.  A lovely gentleman who owns a DC agency had offered to sponsor me for a DC notary public (in DC, you have to have an agency owner say they have work for you; they will need to sign a statement to this effect).  I confirmed that, got him the paperwork he needed, and that was all I could do for the moment.  As soon as I landed in Maryland, I was applying for notaries public in Maryland and Virginia.  It was only on April 1st that, just this past Sunday, that my commission in DC was active, and I was thus able to work in all three states. You definitely should not expect to work right away as a reporter in a state that requires a notary.  If you do CART work, and if there is CART work available, you might see about doing that.  Through my sponsor's agency, I reported several days of a hearing where a notary was not required.  I was able to get this work because I had a strong CART background and very generous help from several individuals I had gotten to know online and from conventions, etc. 

You don't say what type of certification you have, but that is going to be an issue wherever you move.  I would discourage anyone from making the mistake of thinking they can just pick up work in a state that doesn't have a test, particularly if they don't know reporters and agency owners there.  The RPR is definitely worth having, and I am so glad I kept it current.  The RPR may not mean much where you come from, but it certainly does in states with no test.  I would also recommend traveling to a state with a CSR examination to take that test.  It's just a very good thing to have in the arsenal.  My reason for saying this is twofold.  First, two different agency owners that I now work with frequently have flatly told me "I don't have any more questions for you" once I told them I had a California CSR license.  Second, I have had occasion to see requests for bids addressed to agency owners by governmental agencies.  They ask that the reporters sent to the job have a state or national license. 

Hi, Mary Jo.  I've always lived in Virginia, but I had a lot of work in North Carolina at one time, so yes, I went down there and took that silly class.  No offense to North Carolina notaries, but once you take it you'll realize even more that we really need an oaths-only ... something.  We do not handle car title transfers or anything like it.  We simply place witnesses under oath. What a waste of time for a reporter.  Good thing is that, from what I can remember, they give you a pass/fail right on that day.  Good luck, Mary Jo!


You all were helpful.  Yes, I am looking for an easy way out.  I had my RPR and let it go years ago.  I am retaking it and hope to God I pass it in May.  Thanks for the responses.

Aren't we all >ggg<.  Luck. 


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