I'm relatively new to Case and am having an issue forwarding the scoped file to my reporter. I backed up to a zipped file, but when she receives it, the file is unscoped.

What am I doing wrong?

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Sometimes the most obvious is what we miss. Did you save your changes before your closed your file?

Second thought, maybe your reporter has a duplicate file on her computer, and she's not overwriting what's on her computer what she opens the scoped file. I'm not sure how you two do your uploading and saving of files, but that might be one thing to check.

Bubbie Karen
Hi Jacki,

This situation does not surprise me at all. That's why I make a "completed work" folder outside of Case CATalyst in my court reporter's folder to back up the final edited version to. That way I know that I have the correctly edited file.
Then I send the file through my email but make sure I go to the court reporter's file outside of Case CATalyst, go to the completed work folder and attach it.

Let me know if that helps you out.

Ms. Devon Roberts


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