I cannot make out what this guy is saying. It sounds like ALTA-WAY.

I am hoping a fresh ear will know what he's saying. I sure can't figure it out. This is a recording from a telephone, and the audio is a wee bit fuzzy.

The 21-second audio file is below, entitled "ALTA-WAY."

TIA to any and all responders!

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I must have been doing something else...as usual a little too late...too many things on my plate, but not enough work (go figure).
Joe, I was pulling your chain. Hey, if we were all hanging out on this forum 24/7, that would mean that we don't have enough work or don't have anything else to do, and that's not a good thing.

I read somewhere recently that the Internet can be an addiction when it affects other things in your life. I had to sit back and evaluate myself to see if I was one of those addicted. The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is check my e-mail and this forum, while I'm sipping my coffee, trying to wake up. It's now a ritual.

I hope it doesn't result in me going to Forum Users Anonymous or something. I can see it now: "Hello, my name is Jennie, and I'm glad to be here tonight. I lost my job, my family, and my car, but I'm so glad to have one more day of not reading any Internet forum. I just received my 30-day chip." [Applause.] LOL


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