I am editing a job where the attorney was asking the witness about the blog postings he had concerning the updates on his child's health (child was in hospital).  And the attorneys asks: 

Q:  The blog postings, was that through some sort of "karen" page or a "karen" bridge service?  

A.  No. 

Q.  Where did you post those blogs? 

A.  What do you mean, where did I post them? 

Q.  Well, you indicated you would post blogs to keep people updated.  

My question is on the term that sounds like "karen."  Anyone know what it is? 


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CaringBridge.   You can google it and read about it.  It's a really neat idea when someone is in the hospital to keep friends/family apprised of what's going on w/the patient.

Sounds like the attorney was southern. LOL! Nice program.

My GP has pancreatic cancer and put up a site there.  It's been good to hear how he is doing (pretty well considering the type of cancer) and to see how much support he has from caring friends.


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