I am Jerry Lefler.  27 years ago I created the Digitext theory and translation logic, as well as the first fully electronic hall-effect keyboard, which Stenograph and the other vendors have just now started copying, only 27 years later!  Here is a picture of latest unit I am starting to market.  The keyboard is a fully electronic hall-effect keyboard, with the ability to adjust the "registration" point of each key electronically (no more wheels or screws).  This is by far the smoothest keyboard on the market, with the capability to adjust the stroke depth to 1/4 inch.   It interfaces to the onboard 10-inch netbook which runs whatever software you want (CaseCat, Eclipse, ProCAT)  Stenovation's DigitaCat is what is running on display units.  Now you can edit on the fly in your own CAT software as you write, not some scaled down limited version. This unit has full Windows, web camera, 2 available USB ports, internal/external microphone (No need really for external mics) wireless connectivity, SD card, battery operation, and everything you could want in a system, all for just $2,495!!!  This unit blows away anything on the market today, and is in use by reporters and captioners alike.   If anyone wants more information, you can contact me at leflerjp@yahoo.com and I'd be glad to give you more information, pics, etc. 

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Is that thing paperless?  When I took my MeritWriter apart, took out the disk box and the clutch stuff, the writer was down to five pounds.  Once you take the disk box out a writer becomes real light.

Mary Jo, I'm sure the 7.5 lbs includes the laptop's weight. 

Anybody know what a Mira or Diamante weighs?


I just looked it up for the Diamante.  It's 4.5 pounds.

Seems comparable weight, then.  Aren't the netbooks about 2-3 lbs?

Judy, you are correct.  This is the total weight with the netbook attached, which is about 3 pounds itself with battery.  Unit is just 3 inches tall, full 10-inch screen and just about a full-size QWERTY keyboard.

My website Digitextshorthand.com should be live, I hope tomorrow, where you can get more information, pics, etc.   Thanks, Jerry Lefler

Then you add the weight of 2 power packs, various and sundry cable, microphones, etc., not to mention the grief and aggravation of cabling everything together, crammed into a doctor's office with absolutely no desk space whatsoever.  One of the main reasons I developed this system to begin with.

I have a Mira A3 right here and I'd say it's double the weight of the Diamante.  Also a lot larger.


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