Love the new feature with the pics of who's online. It's cool to see the different people, and who knows, maybe you'll reconnect with someone you knew or find someone with the same interests, like a breed of dog or something. And you'll know when your friends are online at a glance.

I like the new green font, except it's hard to read. Probably need another color there.


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Keith, I saw it a few days ago, and now I cannot see the new feature. I agree that it is cool. Maybe my settings need to be adjusted.
My connection is crappy, so it never loaded any pictures! I gave up and clicked the Close button, and haven't seen it since.
If you hit that red X by the "Who's Online" feature, it will disappear and you will not see it again. I know because I did it just to see what would happen if I hit that red X.
Kelli, can you direct me as to where the red X is on the main page? I cannot find it with my old eyes. Girls just wanna have fun, you know! :-)

It's pretty nifty. Very cool.

Might have to get a new pic.


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