Does anyone know of a good source (and brand) for a small omnidirectional usb external microphone?  I just upgraded my computer, only to find out the internal mic doesn't work in Case for audiosync.  The local mics I've found are huge.  I'd like a small one to just clip on the computer.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Yes.  SoundTech is the best.  Been using it for years.  It's not as small as you'd like though.  Check it out.  I love it.

Here is the link:

Hi, Kelli.  Thanks so much for the info.  This microphone issue has become the bane of my existence.  The one I just got was Very expensive and I don't like it at all.  I'm definitely going to look at the SoundTech one.  I would like a small one, but mostly I'd like one that works!  Thanks again. -Diane

Kelli, Does it live monitor?  I hear everybody in the world but me has their own live monitor - lol!

I don't know what live monitoring even is.  Can you explain??

Live monitoring is you can plug into the mic with your headphones and hear (amplified) what's coming through.  Like if you daisy chain these, you can hear through your headphones what is being said on the other side of the room in the farthest mic.   it's kind of like the headphone feed the videographer provides for you.  

Hi Diane,

I recently purchased an MXL AC-404. I'm a reporter now, but I was a videographer for years, so I'm pretty picky about my sound. :) I'm not sure just how "small" you'd like it to be, but bang for your buck, this thing is just fantastic.

Another more expensive alternative would be using a Zoom H2n as an external with your laptop. Zoom products are amongst the very best on the market, and the H2n offers several features that are far more advanced than a stand-alone mic, but as a result it requires a bit more know-how and set up.

Benjamin, Does that mic have live monitoring?  I looked it up and can't find a clear answer.  Sometimes even though they have a headphone jack, it doesn't always live monitor.  I have an Andrea but the live monitoring stopped working for some mysterious reason.  I'm looking for a great mic that I can hear the low-talkers with.  

The AC404 does have live monitoring - you can also get playback from your CAT software seemlessly if you've got an open file.

What does live monitoring mean?

I know the headphone jack you can get playback on, but check out this YouTube thingy that says there is no live monitoring.  Meaning, as I'm writing I can hear through the mic in my headphones nice and amplified for the ever-dreaded mumbler/low talker.

I've used this microphone before.  It only has great audio in the direction the microphone is pointed to.  If there's people to the side or behind the microphone, it won't pick them up hardly at all.

With the caveat that I have not actually sat down and watched the video, I own the mic and can assure you, you can live monitor. You do, of course, have to ensure that you have that selected as an option in the control center in Windows, as you would with pretty much any mic.

As for the directional thing, I've found that the advertised 180 degree capture holds up, and I've found it can be an advantage. Anything I'm editing using the QWERTY is pretty well inaudible, but in my experience, the witness and attorneys come through great.


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