I have been reading about online backups such as Carbonite, SugarSync, et cetera, and I am interested in getting an online backup system, but I have a concern... As the hard drive is getting full, I was told it would be a good idea to move files off my computer to prevent any problems (my hard drive is 60% full). First, does anybody do this??? I am so nervous about taking files off of my computer!

So then I was thinking I could get an online backup and everything would be all good, but I asked a Carbonite representative about moving files off my computer, and I was told that Carbonite will delete those files within 30 days.

I backup to an external hard drive about once a week, and I also backup to a flash drive after every job. I just don't know how much backup is enough; although, there probably isn't such thing as too much backup.

Any suggestions about this? Is it necessary to move files off my computer? Maybe just the large audio files?

Thank you so much!

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I keep everything on my home desktopr hard drive and back up to 2 external hard drives every night. I use Second Copy to automate this. It's getting to be time for me to think of replacing my hard drive with a larger one. I have 160 GB but I'm about 70% full. Not ready to get a new computer so a new giant hard drive might be the ticket.
Yeah, the hard drive on my computer is quite small. I just got another laptop to take to jobs. So maybe that'll help, having that extra backup and just using one for at home as a "desktop". I'll have to look into getting a new giant hard drive.

Thanks for your thoughts!
I also use Carbonite!
I don't use it myself, but I do know a few people that use SugarSync, I'm still using the old reliable external hard drives. Online is good, but I tend to think "worst case scenario" and in the worst case if I couldn't get online to access my back ups... :)
Hi Sarah! I use filesanywhere.com and love it. There is a free version, but I splurge (heehee) for the $3.95 per month version with more features. They don't delete anything. You can use it to share large files by sending a link to the file instead of emailing it. They also use Handy Backup, which I believe you can use to automatically back up a certain folder on your computer at any interval.

Your audio files are the only ones that are large. Transcripts and notes are tiny and won't make a dent in your overall hard drive space. Sounds like you have a great system of backing up your files to an external hard drive. The online backup is so inexpensive, and it might give you a little peace of mind to know there's a safe copy in another place.

Have a great weekend!

I checked out filesanywhere.com and looked at their prices and stuff, and I noticed that the $3.95/month that you use is a 1 GB subscription. It doesn't seem like a whole lot of space, or how does that work? I don't know much about online backups, sorry! Do you keep a lot of audio on there?

You have a great weekend as well!
Hi Sarah -
No, I don't store a lot of audio files. I'm not reporting right now, but I always just saved the audio for about a month after I got the transcript out and then deleted the audio files.
Good luck!
I never delete files off of my computer. I would rather buy another computer than delete files. I use a paperless writer, by the way. I would suggest if you are going to delete anything, just delete the audio. Text files hardly take up any space on a hard drive. I think using off-site backup is an excellent idea. But if you delete the original, it's not a backup any longer.
Keep thinking about an online backup also. I do have an external hard drive, but I want more. Just signed up for the FREE 15-day trial of Carbonoite. After I take the time to really check it out, if I decide it's great, it's only $55 a year for unlimited storage. Seems like a good deal to me.

I back up to 2 external hard drives at all times (it's not if but when they fail) and am very happy having Carbonite. It's annoying sometimes but you just put it on "pause" for however long you want and it stops being annoying. I got 2 years for $90, so $45/year for unlimited backup I think is great. I have EVERYTHING, including all audio and all photos, included in the backup. The idea of having everything backed up "off-site" is very relaxing.
Something to consider, and it might be in the fine print, what if the off-site company goes belly up? You can get a 1T hard drive for next to nothing.
I did consider problems such as the company going belly up. I do have an external hard drive as well. May buy a second one too. Now I also have Carbonite. I live just outside of Auburn, CA. We had a big fire the other day and we actually got the call from the fire dept to prepare to evacuate. We packed up the car, but fortunately we never had to leave. I had enough time to think about what to grab - laptop, Mira, pictures, jewelry, CASH, etc., but if I'd had no time, or I hadn't been home, Carbonite would have been my one and only backup. Best to have multiple ways of backing up and one that's off site for those emergencies that hopefully will never happen.


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