I just received a call from an agency I frequently work for, and on a job I was scheduled for and accepted, the owner just found out she had to pay for the conference room.  So she called me and asked me to take a cut in page rate to cover it.  I said no because I don't feel I should have to pay for that; it's an administrative-type problem, not mine.  Any comments?

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I have to pay for conference rooms for some of my depositions.  That is a cost that is mine, and I wouldn't pass it on to the client or court reporter.

Thanks for the validation, Janet ;0)  Appreciate your quick reply.

What Janet said.  This is none of your business, literally and figuratively. 

If you must work for this person, I hope you are scrutinizing your paycheck and what it purports to cover very carefully indeed.  Given that she has the gall to ask you something like this, I can't help wondering what else she is trying to get away with.

I agree.  Thanks!
I agree Deborah, it's not up to you to worry about costs of conf rooms or other admin problems, you're there for a very different reason and should be paid accordingly.


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