I am a scopist and have a few reporters where payment is still pending after a couple weeks. For you reporters out there, how soon (or long) do you consider appropriate to, 1, pay your scopist, and, 2, for the scopist to send you a reminder. I don't want to burn bridges, but I have bills to pay as well.

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I think sending a reminder after 30 days is fine and shouldn't burn any bridges.

I pay all my scopists on the 1st and the 15th.  If it was a couple weeks after the pay period, you should send a reminder.   I had thought I'd paid my scopist one time last year and I hadn't.  We're all human.  She sent me a nice reminder and I sent her out a check.

I'm a little unusual in that I ask my scopists to bill me on the first of the month, and I try get everyone paid by the 5th.

What with snail mail and all, if you haven't received it by the 10th, it's fine to send me a reminder.  Things do get lost in the mail.  

I pay my proofreader within two weeks of receiving invoice, or if I happen to get a check in the mail the day I receive her invoice, I send payment right then.  There have been a few times that I couldn't pay until 30 days later after receipt of invoice, which I would contact her to let her know.   Another  proofreader that I have used occassionally  has a disclaimer on her invoice the date it needs to be paid by, and if not there is a percentage she charges. 

What I really like is scopists/proofers using PayPal to send me an invoice and I pay it on the spot - just hit the "Pay" button and I'm done.  I love that method.  I'm sure the scopists/proofers do too because they get paid immediately.

I have never used PayPal prior, but with starting to expand a little, and with reporters who are no longer necessarily local, I thought PayPal may be a convenient way for both reporter and scopist. Glad to see that a reporter(s) may like it, too. I may need to start expanding my PayPal part of it a little bit. 

It is so simple, Christie.  I wish all my scopists would use PayPay.  It gives you an option to "Send Invoice" and you just put in the amount and send it off.  I also sold my Mira a couple of weeks back and I sent an invoice to the purchaser and he paid me immediately for my writer.  Could not have been more convenient.

You do have to keep in mind, however, PayPal does take a small percentage of your money, though.  If that's not a problem for you, since you get paid right away, then you should use this avenue.

I use PayPal to pay scopists.  There is no charge when I use an instant transfer from my bank account and select the personal tab and payment owed.

Janet, there is no charge to you as the paying party but there is a charge to the receiving party to get the money.  Can't remember how much, though.

Kelly, if just the right boxes are checked off, there is no charge to either party.

Then how does PayPal make any money then?  They don't do this for free. 

They make money on all other types of transactions.


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