I am a scopist and have a few reporters where payment is still pending after a couple weeks. For you reporters out there, how soon (or long) do you consider appropriate to, 1, pay your scopist, and, 2, for the scopist to send you a reminder. I don't want to burn bridges, but I have bills to pay as well.

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I agree with Laura, scopists/proofreaders get paid whether I get paid or not.  I generally pay my bills every weekend, so that's when my checks go out. 

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It seems like every new scopist I start with wants to be paid up front on the initial job they do.  I have no problem with that bc it's usually a small job. 

HOWEVER, once I accept this scopist, I tell them up front when I pay them and expain the schedule to them.  I also tell them if they  haven't received payment in 5 days after it's due, to send me an email and let me know.  I sometimes make a mistake - or should i say my husband does LOL

My scopist bills me on the 1st and 15th.  She sends it via email.  I try to pay it within a few days.  And she knows if she doesn't get it within a week, she'd better tell me because I forgot.  I tried using Paypal but if you want it to go on your credit card, they will charge no matter what.  The only way to get it free (after talking to them on the phone) is if you make it Personal and take it from a bank account.  After horror stories I've heard, I do not let them touch my bank accounts; so I don't use that option.

Deborah, I don't understand.  I keep money in my PayPal (it's a great way to buy something w/o hubby knowing -- lol).  When I use the "personal" way to send money, it deducts from the money I keep in PayPal.  It doesn't touch my bank.  You do have to hook up your bank account to PayPal, so if you don't have money in there, then it might do that.  It would be like writing a hot check.  So just keep mula in PayPal.  :)

That's funny about hubby not knowing.  I recently had somebody pay for a transcript through PayPal.  Dang if my husband didn't find that money and start spending it!  It was like it was freeeeeeeee money to him.

Too funny, Judy!  I guard my PayPal with my life.  Ha ha!


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