Please Vote for My Friend to Get on the Ellen Degeneres Show

You do not have to register to vote.  Please vote for the young man that is doing the pool trick shots on the pool table.  He's just a young'n and is so full of enthusiasm. I would love to see him win.


He's in second place now, at the time of this writing.  If you-all can vote for him, we have power in numbers here.  Please help.


Here is the link:


TIA, my dear CSRnation member friends!  It would be the thrill of a lifetime for this young man.

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He has the clear lead at 67 percent of the votes, with number two at 21 percent and number three at 11 percent.

I don't know; the violin thing is pretty impressive.


Wow, what's up with the voting?  I wasn't impressed by the juggler at all, but he's winning with 52 percent while the pool has 39 percent and only 7 percent for the violin.  Come again?

Pool Kid was winning, and it looks like Scooter Kid got a voting bot to make his votes go up.  My sources tell me that he was gaining 300 votes per minute with a vote bot.  We are going to fight back on our pool forum with a little creativing voting of our own.  Time will tell if we'll win!  Thanks for voting, Keith and Ann!


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