If you are having wrist and hand strain, check out ProCAT's Impression writer at http://www.procat.com/impression.

We are offering $1,000 off on the purchase of ANY old writer until 2-14-14.  You can also call (800) 966-1221 and speak to your local sales representative.

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It looks exactly like the Diamante.  Can't tell a difference.  Do you know if the touch is any different than the Diamante?

Colors are attractive.

What about issues with the motherboard, issues with the writer turning off for no reason?  How many reports of these problems have been reported, please?

Deanna, are you comparing our Impression to another machine or are you asking if we have had this issue?  I am unclear?

Cathy, does the Impression have a motherboard, a circuit board?  If so, I was asking about the Impression and what complaints and service reports ProCat has received concerning the Impression.

Thanks so much.

Wow, I didn't know any machine turns off for no reason.  That's scary.

Yes, I am inquiring because there's a recent thread in the Total Eclipse FB page about numerous owners who have serious problems with their Diamantes. One person owned hers for four years and returned it three times for motherboard issues.  Many others have experienced the same motherboard/circuit board problems.  If one did not purchase a warranty and their motherboard/circuit board just quit working, reporter had to pay between $1,200-2,200 for a replacement, each time.

In fairness, a few people had reported the same issues with the Passport.  Sounded as though it was the first one.

So I think it's a legitimate question of these writer companies, because I will be in the market for a new writer, and I want these problems resolved.  One, perhaps these companies need to provide a written stern warning that these $4-5,000 products have just quit working, for no reason, and can leave one in the lurch, so that we (SG) advise two things:  a) a mandatory service contract be purchased; and b) a spare writer be taken on one's depositions.

If the companies are having motherboard/circuit board/shutoff issues, they need to resolve them.  It is not good enough that even warnings be provided.  In my lengthy career, I have never owned a service contract and have never had motherboards/circuit boards fail or any reason for which I would even need an extended warranty contract.

So I've taken to asking these pointed questions of the vendors now.


Are you saying the Diamante has had these motherboard issues?  Wow, I've never had anything like that happen with mine.  I do have stacking and splitting issues that seem to come back after it's serviced.  I send it in when the splitting and stacking gets really bad, they fix it and it's good for eight month or so, then acts up again.

Well, I've never had these issues either, but I always buy a warranty of whatever it is, $500 a year or whatever.  I do tons of very high-end jobs and I don't care what it costs; I want my machine under warranty and I want it fixed right away.  

The fact, Deanna, you don't get a warranty, you can guarantee that my writer will go into service before yours because I've paid for the service.  With this job and the high stress, I'm not quite sure why you'd add more stress to your life.  Warranty your equipment, that's all there is to it.

Well, I'm asking these questions now, before I purchase one of these writers which are on the market which seem to have these problems.  I don't recall having heard these problems with Stentura 8000LX.  Don't know about Mira, so extended warranties were not necessary.  But now, with these newer writers, there are these known issues, so I don't think I would dare chance not purchasing a warranty.  It's been many years and SG reporters are still reporting motherboard problems.

It would be great to no longer hear reports about these issues.  I wish us both luck with the writers, and I hope SG (and Advantage, too, if reports on the new writer is having problems) can get their acts together.

What's SG?  What does that mean?

"SG" equals "Stenograph, of course!

Cathy, I'm curious ... I know with the Flash, ProCAT and Stenograph had a deal in place, where Stenograph would supply ProCAT with the bodies of Stenturas, and ProCAT would supply the electronics. If that's still going on, is the Impression basically a Diamante body with ProCAT electronics?

The Impression and the Diamante are totally different.  The shells are different.  The Diamante, you cannot close the screen completely and slide it under the table.  The Impression you can.

The Bluetooth is internal on the Impression.  It is external on the Diamante.

And numerous other differences.


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