If you are having wrist and hand strain, check out ProCAT's Impression writer at http://www.procat.com/impression.

We are offering $1,000 off on the purchase of ANY old writer until 2-14-14.  You can also call (800) 966-1221 and speak to your local sales representative.

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Hi, Kelli.

I saw that post.  I was tempted to point out to the author that the cable that came with my Flash isn't exactly a telephone cable (the internal wiring is different), and I managed to keep mine from breaking for about five years ... but if it does, I have a tool and some spare heads so I could make another one if I needed to ... but if you don't have one, a quick trip to your local electronics/computer repair shop should reveal to you a person that can do the same thing.

Can't say anything about Bluetooth, but I remember Jason Pardikes bragging about how his writers' BT range was ~300 feet .....

So, Glen, how is the touch?  Do you like it?  Does the writer have a short stroke?  how about stacking issues?  So many questions.

I can't say anything about the Impression, Kelli; I've never seen one! I was talking about my Flash.

Oh, I thought we were discussing the Impression.  I even went to Cheap and Sleazy trying to get some info.  You always have great writer info on machines.  Couldn't find anything.

Yes, we're talking about the Impression, but all of the ProCAT writers use the same communications protocol, so they all use the same cable.

As for reviews of the Impression, the first person I asked about it simply said, "Love it."

As reviews go, that's rather short! :o)

The second person promised me one quite a while ago, but hasn't gotten back to me ... but she did promise to send some pictures.  Still waiting, so I'd better ping her again! :o)

Kyung came out swinging with her review here on CSR Nation, so we'll massage the posts into one solid review in the not-too-distant.

If the other review comes in, I'll publish them both!

See, that shows what I know.  I didn't even know the Flash was a ProCat writer.  Duh.

Thanks for posting on the writer.  I read some negative feedback on the Impression on Depoman but the posts were a while back - over a year.  People now seem to be pretty happy with them.

I just sent back the LightSpeed, so I need something with a great touch.  I'm hoping this is the one.

I am on via Bluetooth.  Never had a problem.  And I also have the cable.  I didn't feel it was flimsy. 

What does once in a while happen is that it goes into RT hold mode if the bluetooth disconnects.  But once you get connected again, it will dump everything into your file so you won't have lost any of your file.

Kelli, that is very old.  We do not use those cables any longer.  They are now USB cables.  That was our first version of the Impression.  The latest post on depoman was from Pam Dogger in PA.  I will try to find it and post it here.  I am  currently out of my office, but as soon as I get back on Wed., I will try to locate it.  There are many positive comment, but it is hard to locate all of them on depoman. Try looking under hardware.

Now, I am going to see about having one of our reps contact you who covers Northern CA.  I will see what her schedule is like and let you all know.

Here is a post I think you're talking about.   I also ordered the Impression writer today.

Some more issues I'm finding online with the Impression, granted this post is from 2013, last year:



Have you looked into this writer?


Yeah, I've written on that writer at the DRA convention.  There's not that much difference, if any, with the Diamante I don't think, meaning with the touch.  Cute, though.


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