I'm having a blank-out moment. I took a depo yesterday. They kept saying the draft would be "red line" edited. Something seems to spark in the recesses of my brain that "red line" is a brand name of some type. Am I wrong????

Thanks, Tricia

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Nope. You are correct. Redline. http://redline.wikispaces.com/
Thanks, Christie. I guess I'm not that blanked out! :-)

I just checked out that site, which says, "Redline is a Mac only racing simulation from Ambrosia Software."

Somehow I don't think you're looking for a racing game?

Maybe they just meant making edits with red lines? Don't know but I don't think it's the aforementioned site.
I thought it means they take a red pen and redline through things that are wrong and make notes. I did not think it was a brand name. At least the way they are referring to it, sounds like making edits.
Keith and Kelli,

I think you are both right. I didn't check the wiki site when I first responded. I was just thankful that I wasn't a complete blankout. I HATE days when I doubt myself. :-)



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