Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone on here could help me out with some information about working out west in Colorado or Arizona. I am a realtime reporter in Washington, D.C. who is looking to relocate out west. I've been dreaming of escaping this rat race for a while now, although there's so much work here.

I just wanted to get some perspectives from reporters working in either of those two states about if there is reporting work to be had and how much of a living I could make reporting out there. Is there any demand for realtimers?

I guess I'm just looking for a little direction. Any info you want to give would be helpful. Thanks a bunch.

Cynthia Ott

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Hi, Cynthia. We went out to AZ in April for their midyear convention, and it was lovely. And there's a reporter here in town who worked for a few years in Colorado -- you might want to talk to her about that. I think she worked at a small courthouse out there. Trying to tell someone about what it's like living and working here in DC is difficult, because they'd never get the whole picture until they were here interacting with firms and trying to get around, huh? I hope you'll come to the 3rd Occasional Reporters Get-Together this coming Thursday. It's a boat cruise, and it looks like a lot of fun.

Thanks! Is there a link for the Reporters Get-Together? I may be able to make it :D

Hi, Cynthia. I think click HERE for the link to the Group here at CSRnation ... and if you send me an e-mail to RealRealtime@gmail.com, I'll put you on the list to receive an e-mail reminder.

O i love Colorado! It's beautiful & the weather is just rite! I have often thought of moving there myself---was uncertain of how much work was there as well? I probably have a disadvantage of being a steno reporter tho.
Do you guys hire voicewriters out there?
Thanks Kerry!
Jill, there's a lot of voicewriters in the Nation's Capital. After all, one out of every hundred residents in D.C. is a lawyer.

Stenotype reporters, stenomask reporters, voicewriters, electronic recorders, you name it, they're all here in full color.

They used to have a pen writer on the Hill, but I think he retired a short while ago.

Looks as if im just gonna have to head your way to get plenty of work & to stay busy! :)
I dont believe any other state is happenin' for voicewriting. Thanks gurL!
Hey Kerry,

Thanks so much for the reply. I am a realtimer and a complete freelancer here in DC, which I love BTW, but there's just so much work here which makes it easy to pick up stuff at all the different firms, a reason I've stayed for so long.

I was thinking about Colorado Springs, I used to live out there in another lifetime, ha ha, 12 or 13 years ago. I thought if I had to I could maybe go up to Denver to pick up work, but don't know if that's a viable option either.

Whew, so much to consider :D
I've heard AZ is beautifuL! Actually, a friend & I were talking about it last night.
AZ is very pretty, but it's HOT. My sisters and brother live there, and personally I think they're crazy. Yeah, you've got A/C and swimming pools, but I mean look, there's just something wrong when you walk outside at 6.00 a.m. and it's already 100 degrees. And it's no better at 10.00 p.m. Your eyes are stinging from the heat. You step into the street to get to your car, and you sink into the blacktop up to the base of your heels, and you leave holes behind you.

At lunchtime you step into your car and get a first degree burn from your ignition because you forgot to put the towel over the steering column. It's 116 degrees outside, and it's so hot you can't even breathe. Then in July you get the Monsoons, so it rains and it's really pretty and cool for a minute, but then the next day it's still 116 degrees, 100% humidity and not a cloud in the sky. It's like a turkey being roasted and basted at the same time.

Now if you're dying to get out of the snow of DC, it might be the place for you. There's nothing like watching the rain and lightening over the Superstition Mountains.

However, If you prefer four seasons, then think Seven Falls, Garden of the Gods, Sangre De Cristos, Cripple Creek, Manitou Springs, skiing, white water rafting, very nice people, very cheap cost of living, ridiculously low crime rate -- and don't forget, I'm here (LOL) -- all of that is synonymous with COLORADO.
Is there a license in Colorado? I do have my RMR and CRR, I know some states though make you take their own test.


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